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Discover something new about our planet and environment – or learn how you can go green and live sustainably – with this collection of the best environmental infographics.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Our National Forests

The National Forest Foundation put together this eye catching infographic illustrating the amazing things forests do for us. It's important to keep this in mind as each year millions of...
ocean trash

How Your Trash Ends up in the Ocean [Infographic]

We've written extensively about the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. But have you ever wondered how exactly your trash, maybe hundreds of miles inland, makes it out into the ocean? Check...
guide to food waste

You probably didn’t know how bad food waste is for the environment

Almost one-third of all food produced in the U.S. In 2017 alone, for example, 103 million tons of food was ultimately thrown out. That kind of waste represents a serious problem for both the environment and your family's pocketbooks. Here's how you can minimize food wastage.

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World (Infographic)

When you think of saving the world, what is your first thought like? Do you feel exhausted at even the prospect of trying to tackle a ton of problems that you had a very little hand in creating? If so, you’re not alone, and amazingly you do not have to do much in tackling the world problems.
urbanization environment banner

How Urbanization Affects the Environment – Infographic

As cities continue to sprawl outwards, it’s obvious that nature has to make some sacrifices. But what may not be obvious are the effects that urbanization has on those that...

How and Why Your Company Should Recycle Paper (Infographic)

How green is your office? Have you rated your efforts and found ways that you can be even greener? Find out one more way to help you save the environment in this infographic: Read why recycling paper can help save the world and environment.
Upgrades for an Energy-Efficient Home

8 Upgrades for an Energy-Efficient Home

Energy-efficient homes are built to conserve energy and prevent energy waste. Everything from a home’s insulation to the direction windows face can have a surprising impact on its energy use. Learn the 8 upgrades you can make today for a more energy efficient home.
health benefits of herbs banner

The Health Benefits of Herbs [Infographic]

Herbs offer more than just flavour to your favourite dishes — they also feature a host of health benefits. Here are some of them
best ways to conserve water

25 Best Ways to Conserve Water [Infographic]

This page by PortaPotty.net covers various water conservation topics and tips, including a breakdown of water usage across homes and offices, the financial and environmental benefits of saving water, the top ten most common household water wasters, and 25 easy ways for you can cut back on water usage at home.

The Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home with the Planet in Mind – Infographic

A full sweep of the house is usually associated with spring cleaning, but there's no reason why you can't adopt some more environmentally-friendly habits into your housekeeping. Find out the natural products to incorporate in your cleaning routine.


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