best ways to conserve water
Less than 1% of the earth’s water supply is fresh water that we can actually access and consume. The rest is salt water (97%) and trapped in icebergs (2%).
Coupled with this limited supply is an estimated 40% increase in water demand over the next 20 years due to increased water usage across various industries and global population growth, which means conserving this precious resource has never been more important than it is now


This page by covers various water conservation topics and tips, including a breakdown of water usage across homes and offices, the financial and environmental benefits of saving water, the top ten most common household water wasters, and 25 easy ways for you can cut back on water usage at home.


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  1. Thank you! It’s a mind-changing experience!
    Having as much water as you want freely available, you don’t see any reason to think about it. But if you think globally and care not only about your comfort but also about the good of others, about the future and the welfare of the planet, it becomes obvious.


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