Sustainable Neighborhoods: Beautiful for the Economy and the Environment

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What’s more appealing; a community that consists of roads and houses and more roads or one that’s built with open space, parks, paths and trails?

For most people it would be the second option.


Most likely it’s because neighborhood with open spaces, parks, path and trails presents itself with a high quality of life for those living there.

This type of community would be developed as a sustainable neighborhood that is good for its own economy but also built with the environment in mind.


A neighborhood that can support itself will grow

The whole idea of a sustainable neighborhood is one that can grow and support itself economically.

With that in mind, the neighborhood or community must offer plenty of job opportunities for its citizens. Local businesses will help the community and offer more job opportunities for residents.

Along with job opportunities, community members take pride in local businesses and they will shop at these business, feeding the economy and helping the community grow. It’s not just business that helps the neighborhood but the homes themselves.

Builders and developers must make homes affordable to attract more buyers, if the homes are affordable and the neighborhood has amenities than the need and desire will be there and the community will grow.


Environmentally to help the Economy

The other half of a sustainable neighborhood is the environment.

A development or neighborhood that claims to be sustainable often is built on the basis that it is built around the environment and not on the environment. The development is designed to include open spaces to preserve nature and the local ecosystem.

It is also designed for water conservation, so that groundwater can be used for irrigation in parks and designated greenbelts.

Wildlife roams freely and paths and trails connect schools, parks, and other amenities, all without disrupting the natural habitats.

Along with nature, the homes that are built are generally designed with environmentally friendly materials and with efficiency in mind. Tile roofs, energy efficient windows are installed to help reduce energy costs.

This not only helps the environment but it helps the economy grow.


A sustainable neighborhood is a neighborhood that can support itself and grow at the same time. Economically, it can support itself, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Because of this, residents have a lot of pride and a real sense of community.  The residents in a sustainable neighborhood will stay there for years, and it’s also the community that homebuyers want to move to and grow their families with a greater quality of life.

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