Tips for More Eco-Friendly Printing Practices

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Businesses are constantly printing things. Advertisements, memos, letters, brochures, making copies, you name it, businesses print it in excess.

If your business spends all day long printing more and more materials, you may want to consider lowering your costs as well as your impact on the environment.

That’s the benefit of going green: it is very cost-effective.

Reducing energy costs, lessening the impact on the world around you, and increasing the efficiency of your workplace is a mindset that all businesses should seek.

A few small changes in the way you print things can help you go green and help you have more green in your pockets.

Recycled Paper

Not only is recycled paper made from recycled materials, but recycled paper takes less energy, chemicals, and water to manufacture.

A paper mill uses 40% less energy to manufacture recycled paper than to manufacture normal paper.

Manufacturing recycled paper also reduces pollution levels. There are several different styles of recycled paper you can purchase, ranging from 30% recycled to 100% recycled.

No matter your printing needs, there is a recycled paper for you. The production of recycled paper reduces the level of paper materials going into landfills by one-third.

Recycled paper is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Energy Efficient Printers

Nowadays, it is easy to find at home commercial printers or imaging equipment with Energy Star standards.

These standards are set by the Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring the products are as efficient as possible. These products use the least amount of energy possible to get the job done right.

Although they use less energy, there is no need to sacrifice quality. Energy Star printers work just as well as any printer.

Investing in an energy-efficient printer would be a great idea for any business, and with your reduced energy bills, the printer would pay for itself in no time. Having this printer in your office would be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

A business with an energy star printer would save thousands of dollars per year.

Also, consider printers with multiple functionalities. For example, a booklet printer can print all sorts of documents.

Eco-Friendly Ink

Although it is not very well known, there are environmentally friendly ink products out there. They are specially made to be easy on the environment while still producing quality prints.

Purchasing quality, green ink for your business is a great way to lessen your impact on the environment. You can find environmentally friendly ink online and in retailers.

Going green is definitely something to be proud of, and your business will benefit from the decrease in costs. Consider going green today, and lessen your impact while filling up your pockets.

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