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In an age where we are constantly bombarded with messages telling us all to walk to work, to keep our cars parked on the drive and open our arms to public transport, it’s probably quite surprising for most people to find out that cars aren’t always the devil that they’re made out to be – especially if you rent a car under the right circumstances!

Yes, despite what you so often hear, you can be doing the environment a favour if you choose to travel by car.

And who wouldn’t want to do that? Society is more conscious to ‘green’ needs than ever before – so it’s only right that people should be enlightened regarding their options for travel.

Perhaps the biggest beneficial environmental factor that car hire presents is the reduction of owned vehicles that are on the road as a result.

Car rental specialists Hertz claim “Every Hertz on Demand vehicle eliminates up to 14 personal vehicles, reducing the overall number of cars on the road”.

If drivers choose to hire cars as and when they need them for specific journeys, congestion is reduced and carbon emissions are lowered.

Car rental firms are also now taking more steps than ever to ensure that their range of vehicles are optimised for performance, while making as much of a minor impact to the environment as is possible.

The vast majority of hire cars are now EPA certified, meaning that fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases are emitted into the air.

Further to that, more car hire companies also offer the possibility of electric vehicles, providing as much of an eco-drive as any vehicle can.

Vehicles in such a range offer zero emissions, producing a cleaner, healthier and happier environment for all.

Now more than ever, car hire companies are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously, putting measures in place to ensure that all staff are educated regarding green issues that are related to the industry.

Avis, another international car hire company, are committed to empowering their staff with enough knowledge to help customers make informed decisions about their hire purchase.

They’re highly serious about informing customers about the benefits of eco-driving, and provide guides to new customers about how treat their vehicle with real efficiency.

This is widespread across the industry, with many other providers playing a part in the ‘Act on CO2’ campaign which is a government backed initiative to reduce CO2 emissions on the road.

More car hire companies than ever before have a long-term commitment to manage their carbon emissions, and offering deals that present environmental incentives is key to business strategy moving forward.

For drivers, the car rental industry is better placed than ever before to tackle the ecological issues that we’re presented with. More now than ever, you can hire in confidence.


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