Renewable Energy

Whether it’s solar, wind, hydro, geothermal or another form of clean energy, our guides to renewable energy will help you set up your home or business with a clean source of power.

From setting up your own solar panels to choosing the right energy storage battery for your home, we cover it all.

The Big Money In Wind Power

People and organizations who are looking to cash in on windmills include several members of the British Royal family and the Forestry Commission in Scotland and Wales.

Choosing Green or Brown Energy, Which Is For You?

It’s becoming more and more common for energy suppliers to offer the option of brown or green energy contracts to their customers. A good example of this is Apollo Energy,...

Solar Powered Security Devices to Protect Your Home

Security is an important issue especially these days when the occurrence of domestic crimes is on the rise. What’s scary is that a lot of these suburban crimes are...
Solar Power System

Should I Boost My Solar System with Gas or Electricity?

Whether you have added solar power to your existing home or designed it in as you built, the question frequently arises; what other type of energy should be used...
Micro Inverter

Are Micro-Inverters Really Better Than Conventional String Inverters?

String (or central) inverters have been on the market all the way since the introduction of solar panels. An inverter is an absolutely necessary component of a solar PV-system....
Australia Sun

Understanding Solar Rebates in Australia

RET (Renewable Energy Target) Scheme The government in Australia has made it very easy to participate in the renewable energy boom and add solar power to your home or business. Australia...
Residential Solar Panels

Things to Consider Before Installing a Residential Solar Power System

The idea of renewable energy has been around for decades. Only now are we starting to realize the power and potential of harnessing this energy and putting it to great...
Solar Panels

Three Quick Questions: Solar Panels

It’s often been said that the Inuit language contains hundreds of words for “snow.” While this turns out to be a lost-in-translation misconception, those speaking English could learn something...
Solar Heater

The Benefits of Using a Solar Heater at Home

Whenever people think about solar energy, their mind almost always rushes to solar panels – but that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. As a mater of fact,...


baby nursery

4 Things to Consider when Planning an Eco-Friendly Nursery

These 4 design tips will help ensure your newborn is being kept safe and healthy in an eco-friendly nursery.
collect rainwater for environmentally friendly gardening

The Homeowner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

In this article, we outline why every homeowner should have a rain barrel set up for rainwater harvesting, how to set up your rain barrel, and some of the best uses for rainwater once you collect it.

9 Food Waste Solutions That Are Basically Habits To Save The Earth

Food waste accounts for up to 29% of the amount of trash each year in the US. Here are 9 effective ways to reduce your food waste at home.

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4 Simple Ways to Unclog a Drain Without Harmful Chemicals

There are several inexpensive and non-toxic methods you can use to unclog drains in your home with ingredients you probably already have in your cabinets.
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What You Can (and Shouldn’t!) Burn in Your Fireplace

However you choose to while away the colder winter months, careful consideration of what to burn in the fireplace is one way to make greener choices.

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