Renewable Energy

Whether it’s solar, wind, hydro, geothermal or another form of clean energy, our guides to renewable energy will help you set up your home or business with a clean source of power.

From setting up your own solar panels to choosing the right energy storage battery for your home, we cover it all.

home solar heating

Reduce Your Energy Costs with Home Solar Heating

Solar power is the ultimate source of energy, and it’s time we returned to it, and shrug off the yoke of fossil fuel forever. Find out you can install the best home solar heating system for your abode.
solar panels on your garage

Use Solar Panels on Your Garage to Recharge Your Electric Car

Installing solar panels on your garage is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and why not? Solar power is affordable, electric cars make sense for the...
tablet computer and green energy

Solar Powered Gadgets for an Easier Lifestyle

Solar Powered Gadgets - To Make Your Life Easier At a time when we’re all becoming more dependent on our electronic gadgets, power prices are soaring. It’s hard to imagine...

5 Principles of Sustainable Architecture

Over the years sustainable architecture has taken on many different names and forms. What makes architecture sustainable varies widely and can include anything from a building which is constructed entirely of recycled...

What Germany Is Doing Right For The Environment

Germany has made a sustainable future a serious goal, and a reality. To do so has required some difficult decisions.
solar generator

5 Buying Tips for Solar-Powered Generators

If you are just now starting to learn about solar technology, choosing the right solar-powered generator for your home can be a little overwhelming. Like most eco-friendly energy products,...

Getting Started with Off-Grid Solar Power

Solar electric power remains one of the most viable alternative energy option for many consumers. Solar systems that provide electricity for the off grid home are just as viable as...
Solar powered light

5 Reasons to Switch to Solar Powered Lighting

Solar energy has been around for over a century, but only in the present has it increasingly become used for everyday tasks. With the solar energy industry growing at...

How Much Of The UK’s Electricity Is Generated Via Renewable Resources?

The United Kingdom, as you might expect, uses a large amount of electricity each quarter. We use electricity to run our offices and workplaces, our homes and public spaces,...

The Future of Solar Electricity

Solar energy is one of the best sources for renewable energy in the world. The sun shines nearly everywhere in the world, and produces enough energy to provide power for...