Renewable Energy

    Whether it’s solar, wind, hydro, geothermal or another form of clean energy, our guides to renewable energy will help you set up your home or business with a clean source of power.

    From setting up your own solar panels to choosing the right energy storage battery for your home, we cover it all.

    Solar water heater on roof

    Getting Started with Solar Water Heating for Your Home

    There’s little point in installing a solar water heating system if you can’t benefit from domestic hot water which is a necessity all year round. Read this guide on how to get started with a solar water heating system for your home.
    geothermal energy

    Getting Started with Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Your Home

    Geothermal heating is the process of extracting heat from deep within the ground and distributing it through a duct system as warm air. When used in a home, this...
    discreet solar shingles on roof

    Discreet Solar Power For Your Roof

    New developments in solar shingle technology allow for solar shingles to be produced in nearly any colour or shape, making it nearly impossible to tell the shingles have solar PV technology built into them at all.

    How To Install Solar Panels on A Sailboat

    Make the most of the sun’s energy when you’re out on the water by installing solar panels to your sailboat! This is an in-depth video on how you can install...
    install solar panels on house

    9 Tips to Make Installing Solar Panels at Home Easier

    Installing solar panels for your home is a relatively new and popular kind of home improvement that’s taking North America by storm. Solar panels boost the value of your home,...
    rooftop solar panels

    How to Choose the Right Residential Solar Panel System

    Before you decide which home solar power system is right for you, you have to consider your available sunlight, required system size, economics, and the local permits you’ll be...
    solar panel system

    Thinking of Going Solar? These are 5 Questions You Must Consider

    The popularity about going solar often creates a misconception amongst home owners as to the true benefits of installing solar panels at their home. If you are considering a solar...
    hand reaching for solar panels

    3 Solar Powered Home Appliances

    Home appliances consume up to a massive 20% of our total energy use, so it makes sense, both from a financial and an environmental viewpoint, to find ways to...
    solar panels

    3 Solar-Powered Appliances That Will Save You Money

    Dreaming of living life off the grid? We at Modernize are strong supporters of a minimalist and eco-friendly way of living—which is why we are such fans of solar-powered...
    home solar energy system

    Shedding Light on Residential Solar Power

    When it comes to making our homes more energy efficient we all want to do our part. After all, the prudent use of energy is good for the environment,...


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