Petrol cars vs CNG cars

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Electricshybridethanol cars…the alternative fuel are gaining in favor of diesel and gasoline running cars.  But some of the most important brand cars are focused on CNG, compressed natural car.  A clean alternative fuel that has been used as motor fuel since the beginnings of the XX century.

CNG cars have advantages and disadvantages.  CNG cars are cleaner emissions, gas is cheaper than gasoline and most of the CNG  produced comes from the USA, helping home economy.  Besides, the costs of natural gas is significantly less compared with a gallon of gasoline, saving between 30 and 40 percent per gallon.  On the other hand, CNG  distributors sometimes are hard to find, been not available in some areas.  Although  sometimes the costs of a conversion to CNG is expensive, it’s worthy because at the end of the year the amount of money saved it’s always high.

Natural gas is a very  important source of energy because of reducing pollution and maintaining air clean.  The emissions of monoxide to the atmosphere is about a 90 percent less than gasoline, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.  The combustion of CNG causes a less production of gasses than gasoline, helping to reduce this effect and maintaining air clean.

By making a conversion in cars engine from petrol to CNG in our car, we can help the environment.  To reduce the emission of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere we are helping our planet to breathe.

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