How To Go Green On A Montreal Night Out: Fun And Friendly To The Planet!

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We all know that these days, being kind to the planet is key, and we unquestionably have to put it at the top of the priority list whatever we’re doing… but how do you achieve that and still have a great time? Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to destroy your nightlife and shouldn’t mean it becomes a drag. 

A ton of people feel unsure about how they can marry planet-kindness with fun and toss one or the other to the curb – but we’re here to tell you that you can have the best of both worlds!

If you’re in Montreal, one of the greenest cities in the world, you’ve really got to put this on your agenda, so let’s unleash some top tips for going green on your evening out!

Tip 1) Think Local, Think Green

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This tip is simple to implement, and it doesn’t require you to ditch the drinks for your evening (as some eco-guides will suggest).

Alcohol isn’t the greenest product out there; you might choose not to drink… or you might choose to find a balance whereby you can be planet-conscious and still enjoy a few glasses of wine. The answer? Look at your drink’s origins!

Choose local wines and beers to reduce your carbon footprint. Try wines from the Montéregie region, or beers from local breweries like Dieu du Ciel.

If your drink hasn’t been flown around the world in a high-speed jet, it’s got a much smaller carbon footprint. In many cases, spirits will have a higher carbon footprint than either wine or beer.

And think about the ingredients, too! Some crops are much thirstier than others or need a lot more land to be grown. Instead, opt for sustainable choices like apples, which have a lower environmental impact than other crops. That means ciders could be a great choice.

Tip 2) Check Out The Club Options

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Let’s remember, it’s not just us individuals looking for ways to go greener and tread more softly on the planet. These days, many clubs and venues are jumping on board too (good news for everyone!). And guess how you can play a part in that? Support them!

If you’re looking for things to do in Montreal at night, get that green agenda going and see if any of your spots have eco-credentials.

Look at venues like Le Green Panther, known for its sustainable practices, with organic food, minimal and compostable packaging, no pesticides, and more.

Alternatively, try La Distillerie, which uses reusable cups and locally sourced ingredients. The more we demand it, the more venues will follow suit. 

If you’ve got your eye on somewhere else but you’re not sure if they’re eco-friendly, check out their websites or even give them a call and ask. The more consumers demand it, the more venues will go this way.

Tip 3) Think Fuel

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How are you getting to your big night out? Walking? Driving? Uber/taxi? Well, if you’re drinking, you can strike one off that list, but preferably, you’re also striking off Uber/taxi – while they might be convenient options, they’re not all that planet-friendly. 

Instead, use Montreal’s excellent public transit, which is known for being both reliable and convenient, as well as reasonably cheap. You could choose the STM metro, or try the BIXI bike-sharing system, to cut your carbon footprint.

If public transit isn’t feasible for you, consider a car sharing service like Commanuato, or even just walking. Montreal’s considered a very safe city, so this can be a great option.

Tip 4) Ditch The Dud Outfits

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Thinking of going to the store and grabbing another new top or pair of jeans for the night out? Think again if green is on your agenda.

Fast fashion is quickly coming into the spotlight for its poor planet credentials, and people all over the world are trying to move away from it. Instead, focus on sustainable fashion choices and eco-friendly beauty routines; you can still look incredible, without damage to the planet.

Stocking up on fancy wear-once products is a sure way to ramp up your carbon footprint, even if you aim to recycle them once you’re done.

Instead, find outfits you love – think thrifting if you’re going extra-eco – and wear them again and again. There are some fabulous thrift stores in Montreal, and you can get entire outfits from places like Eva B or Citizen Vintage.

Couple this tip with an eco-friendly beauty routine, using reusable products and clean, cruelty-free makeup from brands like Lush or The Green Kiss. You’ll feel a whole lot better on the inevitable morning after if you at least don’t have eco-guilt hanging over you!

A green approach to a night out makes the whole experience so much more fun.

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