A Family House: Unique Exterior Features When Building A Custom Home

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The exterior of your home is practically the face of your home. It is what the public sees and what your visitors see first when they visit. It is only right that it sets the perfect tone for your home’s atmosphere. Besides this, the exterior of your home should reflect your personality and style.

Unique exterior features allow you to add a touch of class and elegance to your home’s curb and street appeal. In addition, these features enhance your home exterior usage, allowing you to enjoy your life outdoors to the maximum.

The good thing is that when building your custom home, you have the chance to add the features that you desire for the outcome of your dreams. If you are building your custom home, here are some unique features that you can consider for your home’s exterior.


Large front porch

front porch - building a custom home

Front porches aren’t so common in new homes, which makes them a unique feature for your custom home.

Ideally, a front porch is an extension of your home as it creates an added living space at the front of your home. You can use it for relaxing on a sunny afternoon, as an outside dining space, or for entertaining guests in the summer months. Whichever the use, make your porch cozy, warm, and inviting.

Let it set the tone of what is beyond. Start by choosing comfortable chairs. You can go for coaches with extra stuffed pillows and a statement coffee table. Add unique antique pieces for the décor. In addition, add plants in beautiful planters or hanging baskets.

Remember lighting as well; you can use candle lanterns or hang wrought iron pendants and much more.


Outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace offers an excellent way to warm up your outdoor living space, allowing you to enjoy your deck or porch longer.

This is especially welcome in the cold winter months. Rather than going for a fire pit that is common, make it unique by opting for a gas fireplace. Surround it with beautiful brick or stonework and you have a stunning piece to look at.

This will create a beautiful focal point for your home as well as depict class and style. However, you have to think carefully about the size and the location of the fireplace for your home to have a perfect flow of the elements.



deck - build a custom home

Just like the front porch, decks are also a beautiful way of adding living space to your home for outdoor fun and entertaining.

Opt for a large deck that covers the entire length of the back of your house. Make it unique with sliding doors that lead to it and a beautiful staircase to add some elegance. If you prefer a more private deck space, consider adding a master suite deck.

Not many homes have it, so you will have a unique feature to offer you a serene environment in the warmer months. The good thing is that you don’t have to make it too large. You only need a space that is enough for two people.

Add a hot tub and optimize on the available views and you have something extra for your enjoyment.


Water feature

water fountain

Water features create a soothing sound that can be effective in calming the mind. Adding a water feature in your garden will not only bring in some uniqueness but will also give you a relaxing environment right outside your home.

In addition, it will create a beautiful focal point of your landscape and highlight the beauty of your garden. Just surround it with beautiful and brightly colored flowers such as lazy susans, zinnia, and chrysanthemums for captivating scenery.

You can also add some beautiful lighting to highlight the waterfall way after the sun has gone down.




Balconies aren’t so unique in double-storey homes, but you can have them add some uniqueness to your home with just how they are placed as well as the décor.

If your home has some beautiful views, make sure to optimize them by having a balcony overlooking them. Your guests will see the uniqueness when enjoying those views when they visit. Place simple furniture pieces and beautiful potted plants to complete the look.

It is not always easy to decide on the features to include, their placement, the materials, and the décor among others. Save yourself the trouble by working with a custom home builder



Building your custom home is like a blank canvas allowing you to build a home that you have always desired. Be sure to include the designs of the exterior features that you want from the word go.

A large front porch, an outdoor fireplace, a water feature, a deck, and balconies offer a great choice when it comes to adding elegance and uniqueness to a home. Seek the help of a custom home builder so that you can achieve a home that you have always desired.

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