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    From weekend DIY projects to full-blown retrofitting, our collection of Home Improvement Guides will put you on a path to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    And don’t forget – most eco-friendly retrofit projects will help you save money over the long-term too!

    Solar panels on house

    Eco Building Materials: Present and Future

    Designing and building an eco house, or renovating your property to make it more energy efficient, is a great way to cut down on bills, and not to mention great...

    U.S. Rebates and Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Lighting

    Energy efficiency is all about creating a cleaner planet, saving money and using less in the way of energy resources. As a result, governments have encouraged individuals, business owners and contractors to...

    Greenify Your Living Room: Earth-Friendly Furniture

    Do you want to help save the planet and have a living room that’s comfortable and has an earthy, rustic feel to it? There are ways to have a living...

    Eco-friendly bedroom products

    Lately do you find yourself doing everything you can to be greener? You bring your own shopping bags to the farmers market, you recycle religiously, and you never leave a room with...

    Going Native: Green Landscaping with Native Plants

    People who are concerned about sustainability, personal health, water quality, natural habitats and creating an attractive, easy to care for an option for their lawns and gardens often turn to landscaping with native plants, which is sometimes called “naturescaping.”

    Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation: a great way to cut your C02 emissions

    When viewing a list of the many benefits that insulating your home can offer, the large energy bill savings will more often than not be near the top. However, for those looking...
    Eco friendly bathing options

    Eco Friendly Bathing Options

    If you’re reading this, you may or may not be aware that your shampoo and bath soap probably contain certain amounts of sulfates, synthetics and artificial ingredients—chemicals that are...

    A Beginners Guide to Creating a Smarter Home

    In the current financial climate, were all looking for ways to make our money go further, and when it comes to our homes one of our main concerns is...

    Green Kitchen Remodeling: Beyond the Avocado Shades of Paint

    Trees are green – in the spring and summer. But environmentally speaking, trees are green all year round. When we “think green,” preserving trees – along with the rest of...

    Creating an Eco-friendly Kids Room

    Our goal is to make the interior of our kids' rooms as eco friendly as possible and diminish the dangerous effects of hazardous materials.


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