Throughout your life, being a homeowner is one of the best milestones to achieve. After all, there’s nothing better than having your own space where you can let down your walls after a stressful day at work. And what’s more, this place allows you the freedom to change it whichever way you want.

But regardless of how you change it, you only want to keep one attribute in mind: comfort.

No one wants to go home to the most uncomfortable environment in existence, even if it looks aesthetically pleasing. Installing a roof skylight throughout your roofing system does exceedingly well in balancing comfort and aesthetics.


What Are Skylights?

Skylights are often found on one’s roof as a window set. Compared to the ones along the walls of the building, these window sets are expected to be oriented to where sunlight comes from instead of simply positioning it for the sake of having the best view of the outside.

And besides orientation, they’re also angled in such a way that the inside of the house can receive all the sunlight its occupants need.


Benefits Of Having Skylights

Perhaps you’ve already looked up how much are skylights ever since they grabbed your attention. Lucky for you, there are numerous reasons why including skylights in your home is worth every cent:


1. Lowers Artificial Light Usage

Electricity has always been one of the most overused energy sources throughout the year. What caused electricity to be heavily utilized is the quantity of technology manufactured by experts to accommodate it while completing specific tasks.

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Unless you’re fine with living a lifestyle using only candles and other devices, lightbulbs are created so everyone has a light of their own. Using this illuminating tool, society can now have a lightbulb in each interior space to shed some light, allowing the building’s occupants visibility, even in the darkest areas.

Skylights function somewhat similarly to lightbulbs, except for some major differences.

Considering they’re already part of the house itself, skylights are irreplaceable unless you have workers dealing with sealing up the hole where the skylight went into.

Since skylights maximize sunlight, every sunny day leaves one’s household looking brighter than ever. And considering there’s no way to turn off the sun, its natural light will continue to illuminate your indoors unless you include a device that blocks out skylights.


2. Allows Access To Fresh Air

Although you have a ventilation system installed within your household, it often undergoes maintenance for its filtration to remain in pristine condition. Otherwise, fresh air might be far beyond your reach with dust and other foreign substances clogging up the vents.

Since ventilation is essential for clean air and optimized temperature indoors, you can already imagine how much work is put into this system.

But with skylights, you can open them anytime the inside of the house is starting to feel stuffy. Usually, hot, stale air rises, only to get trapped high above the room where the ceiling is.

Although that should be far from the household’s occupants, having too much hot air trapped indoors quickly gets too much, especially at the peak of summer while the ventilation’s getting overworked.

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Now that you have skylights installed on your roof, all you have to do is unlock them for fresh air to enter the house.

Even though it’s hot during the summer, it still helps air out the inside of the house. On the other side of the coin, once the weather starts getting colder, you can still crack them open if you want to enjoy the crisp air during the day.


3. Adds More Indoor Warmth

green skylights add comfort to home

As mentioned earlier, skylights are designed to be oriented and angled to where maximum solar energy can be harvested.

With this in mind, installing skylights would be extremely beneficial for the homeowner, especially during the colder seasons. Although it may seem otherwise, maximizing sunlight is what they do.

Therefore, skylights can help boost the temperature inside the house.

Since they’re positioned in the best locations with more sunlight, any amount of natural light and warmth from the sun will be delivered indoors. And with proper insulation, your heating system doesn’t need to work overtime anymore with the help of solar energy.


4. Improves Health

Like everything else, too much of anything can be extremely harmful to yourself down the road, especially with prolonged exposure.

Thus, even though electricity is proven to be beneficial for society, there’s no denying that using it for too long can easily affect one’s health. Staring at electronic devices for the majority of the day can ruin your eyesight. And staying indoors to soak in too much artificial lighting can leave anyone pale and sluggish.

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With skylights in the picture, you now have access to sunlight for the entire day. All you have to do is place yourself beneath one of them, soak up the early rays, and you’ll be pumped up to face the day since sunlight is rich in Vitamin D.

This nutrient is one of the many hormones that help regulate your mood while fighting diseases. So, even doing something as simple as staying under the sun within the safety of your home can already do wonders for your health.



Besides water and wind, solar energy is one of the most prevalent sources of energy. After all, the sun has always been up in the sky for most of the day before night sets in. Therefore, if you’re interested in utilizing solar energy for your property, the best place to start maximizing it is by having skylights installed.

Luke is a passionate environmental advocate based in upstate New York. When he's not sharing tips on sustainability and wellness, you can find him hiking with his dog, Max.


  1. I basically agree with all these points. But there is one thing that makes skylights not that green. On hot summer days, the sun’s rays passing through such windows will heat the room, which will make the cooling system work much harder. Therefore, it will lower its energy efficiency.
    But I think this can be fixed simply by using blackout blinds and closing them on very hot days.

  2. Very interesting! But I just want to add that it’s better to keep the hot sun rays out by shutting your blinds during hot summer days. This tip is a common solution to your AC efficiency. Also, consider closing your blinds when you leave the house and drawing them open when you get home. You’ll see instant savings on your bill no matter how you adjust your windows, no matter what way you choose!

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