The Best Locations for High Performance Energy-Efficient Homes

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Although anyone can decide to renovate their home to make it more energy-efficient, there are some areas that place an emphasis on using green building techniques.

Either way, however, it is possible to have an energy-efficient house anywhere in the country.

Before you begin a renovation or new home construction project, it is important to discuss your desire for the home to be as environmentally friendly as possible with all of the companies that you gather bids from.

Keep in mind that some construction companies will have a solid history of using green building materials, but many others will not.


What exactly is an energy-efficient home?

There are several different things that can impact whether or not a home is energy-efficient.

For example, your home could be powered primarily by solar panels or you could simply use your fireplace as much as possible to reduce your consumption of electric or gas-powered heat.

Homes that are designed to be energy-efficient will typically use green materials, and the builders will also ensure that everything is sealed as tightly as possible to prevent air leaks.

It is also possible to purchase appliances that have a high energy-efficient rating.


Which cities are best for energy-efficient homes?

Again, you can make a home in any town more energy-efficient. However, if you are interested in buying a house in a town that is committed to becoming more environmentally friendly, there are several options to choose from:

1. Alexandria, Virginia – The entire Washington, D.C. area, especially with Alexandria, VA homes for sale, has been one of the leaders of energy-efficient construction, and this has caused a big reduction in the carbon dioxide emission rate.

In other words, you can enjoy all of the financial perks of an energy-efficient home while also breathing cleaner air than the majority of the country.

2. San Francisco, California – The bay area is well-known for placing an emphasis on eco-friendly housing. In fact, San Francisco currently leads the U.S. with the highest number of homes for sale that were constructed with green building materials and include energy-efficient features.

3. Boston, Massachusetts – Boston‘s mayor has the bold vision of turning the city green by 2015, and he has initiated plans to install solar panels on buildings throughout the entire area. The mayor also began the Energy Positive (E+) Green Building Demonstration Program to explore new methods of utilizing eco-friendly materials.

4. Sacramento, California – Sacramento’s residents enjoy all of the benefits that are associated with a low carbon dioxide emission rate, and they also have a lot of energy-efficient homes to choose from. The town has several developments being created specifically with the environment in mind, including the 800 homes that are under construction at the Northwest Land Park.

Many cities and states offer incentives for either upgrading a home or undertaking a new construction project that uses energy-efficient materials. Make sure that you consult with your targeted area to determine if you qualify.

However, even if you are not eligible for a rebate, you will still save a lot of money and have a positive impact on the environment by moving to an energy-efficient home.

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