Going on a Vacation? 9 Useful Tips For a Green Getaway

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Mesmerizing sunsets, ocean breeze brushing through your hair and a chilled beverage in your hand. It’s all you need to make your vacay an unforgettable experience. And, if you work in corporate or sweep through your week working way harder, we bet you deserve a vacation. 

Moreover, whether you are a busy professional, parent to toddlers or both, taking a vacation is absolutely necessary to give yourself a break. Besides rejuvenation, traveling is a wonderful way to experience new cultures, enjoy local delicacies, and break the monotony. It nurtures your mental health, gives you a break from the daily hassles and brings out the fun side of you.

While tourism is good for your personal growth and overall economy, it poses a significant threat to the environment.

From carbon emissions from the aviation industry to waste produced by luxury hotels, vacations can have an adverse impact on the planet. And, although you’re in a party mood during your get-away, it’s vital you cut down your carbon footprint and work through more sustainable ways to enjoy your week out.

In this post, we share different, easy ways to make your vacation more Eco-friendly.


1. Avoid Flying

green vacation tips

Did you know that the aviation industry is responsible for 2.4% of global CO2 emissions? That’s why it’s best to avoid flying unless it’s inevitable. 

Instead, you can go on a road trip or, even better, plan a staycation that involves minimum traveling. You should also look into buses and trains if you’re traveling long distances. 


2. Find Sustainable Airlines

Whether you are traveling to another part of the country or the world, it probably won’t be possible to avoid flying. In that case, we suggest picking a sustainable airline with lower carbon emissions. Moreover, try to book direct flights to further minimize pollution.

You can search the web to get your hands on the list of aviation services that offer more Eco-efficient airplane rides. 


3. Pack Lighter

Packing light for your vacation has a plethora of benefits. First of all, you don’t have to worry about lugging around multiple bags. It could become extremely easy for you to travel around with lightweight bags. 

Secondly, lighter bags imply lower fuel consumption. Whether you are going on a road trip or taking a flight, light bags will help you travel sustainably by consuming less fuel. 


4. Consider Vacation Rentals

We get it; booking a fancy hotel can be an important part of your vacation. However, most popular hotel chains often have a significant carbon footprint. And, however luxurious it may be, it’s not going to be Eco-efficient. 

In comparison, vacation rentals are much more Eco-friendly because they require less energy and maintenance. In addition, they typically cost less. You could also get access to a spacious holiday home with plenty of amenities.

Staying on rentals offers new experiences and makes your trip a little more memorable. 


5. Pick Sustainable Transportation

sustainable transportation

Are you planning to rent a car for your vacation? If the city is well connected with buses and subways, making the most of public transportation would be better for the environment as well as your wallet. Alternatively, you can rent bikes, or even e-scooters to explore the city.

In short, resist going to vehicles that have a higher carbon emission tendency. Moreover, in addition to being pocket-friendly and Eco-friendly, it can be a whole lot of fun, gliding through the streets with the wind in your hair. 


6. Minimize Plastic Waste

From water bottles to grocery bags, you may be discarding more single-use plastic than you realize. Instead, bring a reusable water bottle and bags to minimize your plastic waste. 

When you are going to the beach or visiting tourist sites, don’t leave any litter behind! Rather, carry a bag where you could dispose of the waste. However, make sure you focus on recycling as much as possible.


7. Avoid Chemical Sunscreen

Whether you are planning a skiing trip or a relaxing beach vacation, wearing sunscreen is important. You cannot forget sun protection, no matter the weather. 

That being said, don’t pack chemical sunscreen for your vacation. When you take a swim or shower, the sunscreen washes off, enters waterways and harms aquatic life. Look for an Eco-friendly mineral sunscreen. 


8. Pay Attention to Energy Consumption

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave the lights on or take extremely long showers. If you want to practice sustainability on your vacation, keep your energy consumption in check. Make sure the lights and other appliances are turned off when not in use.


9. Buy Local

buy local

From your morning coffee to lazy brunches, dine at local restaurants that use locally-produced ingredients. Since the ingredients haven’t traveled too far, the associated greenhouse emissions are considerably less. It’s also an effective way to boost the local economy!


The Bottom Line

Though major corporations are responsible for most of the environmental threats, don’t let that stop you from doing your part. Hopefully, these tips guide and inspire you to make your vacations greener.


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