How to be Green While Travelling on Business

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London is one of the greatest cities for business. Home to the British stock market, multiple flagship stores of some of the world’s largest retailers and numerous headquarters of some of the brightest corporations, there is no place like London. However, with high numbers in population and business comes a high degree of pollution, but with our top tips on how to travel green when on business you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ve done your bit for the environment.

The first tip is to be organised. If you have several meetings to attend in one day try your utmost to see each appointment in an order that won’t have you travelling from one side to the other and back again. For example work your way from West to East if you need to travel out of London at the end of the day via London Liverpool Street.

Use public transport. Okay, there can sometimes be delays, but when travelling in the car it’s likely that you’ll get stuck in a traffic jam and may become hot headed. Using public transport can be cheaper to use and with a variety of transportation to choose from, your journey can be made less stressful.

The advantages of using London public transport

  • Cheaper – no need to pay for petrol or congestion charges
  • Easier – there are multiple tube and bus routes to choose from to ensure you arrive at your destination
  • Quicker – tubes come every minute or so, ensuring that you’re never kept waiting for too long
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce carbon emissions by taking the bus instead of the car or perhaps taking the tube which runs on electricity.

Did you know: London authorities are also thinking of introducing hybrid buses and electric vehicles.

If the tube or bus isn’t your idea of green travelling you might be interested to find that there are numerous secured cycle parking and bikes to hire for the day. This way you can be a green traveller and get your daily exercise.  However, if you’re not too familiar with London and are not comfortable in finding your own way around the city, this may not be the ideal way for you to travel.

If you are in London for business over a number of days or would simply like to make a weekend of it, a cost effective way for you to stay in London could be in booking corporate accommodation. Refresh Corporate apartments are ideal for a group or individual who are looking for a place to stay that provides spacious living areas, a fully fitted kitchen and other amenities. You can make your stay in a London apartment green by turning down air conditioning or heating and turning off appliances from the plug.

How to be green whilst travelling on business has been written on behalf of Greener Ideal by Refresh Corporate who provides the business traveller with an array of London corporate accommodation that vary from size, number of rooms, location and decor style. Photo by Harshil Shah

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