Green Pest Control Products And Procedures

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In everyone’s life, there comes a time when pests get out of control.

Some will invade a home, while others get into the office or a restaurant. Maybe they are a problem outside: wasps, hornet, and mosquitoes cause nasty stings and bites to which many people are dangerously allergic.

They do not have the resources or knowledge to get rid of an infestation of rodents, ants, or mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, the myth is that only chemicals will work on these creatures. Environmentally friendly businesses assert that there are other ways to solve the pest problem.

For instance, enzymes derived from plants kill in an unusual way: they cause premature molting. The insect emerges unprepared and dies as a result. Although certain enzymes are killers to bugs and spiders, they do no harm to pets.

High heat or steam cleaning is another way to kill bugs. This attacks the bugs and their eggs, which are literally boiled or roasted.

One method of destroying most of the ants in an outdoor colony near your home is to pour boiling water into it. Special vacuums in your home will suck out any bugs which evade high heat termination.

When it comes to mosquitoes, most people accept their presence as a necessary evil, but will do their best to repel mosquitoes from landing on human or animal skin.

The best way to do this without using toxins is to apply sprays and lotions which are laced with plant derivatives these blood suckers do not like. Citronella is just one, but there are numerous others.

It has also been proven that vanilla, tansy, peppermint and its relatives, lavender, and garlic are all offensive to these most annoying of insects. All you have to do is find essential oils containing these scents, most of which are available at health food stores.

Sometimes, just the presence of an odor in the general area will deter mosquitoes from entering your safe zone, so if you are sitting out on a patio, try lighting scented candles.

When it comes to many pests, the green method of control is prevention.

In other words, do not tempt mice into your house by leaving food lying around. Seal off any holes that appear around your structure inside or outside the home and keep things clean.

As for mosquitoes, get rid of any standing water. Also, encourage bats to come into your yard if possible by putting up specially-built bat boxes (which are very different from bird boxes). They will eat thousands of the little beasts in one night.

If you have a pond, make sure you have a working pump or a natural filtration system. Also, fill it with fish. They eat mosquito larvae.

Consumers who are interested in green products are not always concerned that these should be humane.

For instance, controlling mice can be achieved without chemicals, but one might argue that certain types of traps are forms of animal torture. Be aware of the differences and set your priorities before looking for pest control services.

Also, make sure the pest control company you choose manages the pests you have problems with.

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