Green Living

    Going green and living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be simple with a few changes to your daily routines. In this collection of guides, we help you live green by reducing your impact on the environment.


    Guide to Raising Chickens at Home – The Ethical Way

    What a wonderful experience raising chickens alongside children, while enjoying the delicious produce on a daily basis. Hens also provide fresh, home-grown eggs (organic and free-range if you are so inclined). So, learn the ethical way of raising chickens at your home.

    10 Tips for Going Plastic-Free For Beginners

    There is no question that plastic is a gigantic problem around the globe, without exception. Here are 10 ways you can go plastic-free and contribute to the preservation of our planet.
    solar panels off-grid

    The Beginner’s Guide to Going Off-Grid

    It is vital that we as individuals play our part in saving the environment by each minimizing our dependence on fossil fuels. Here are some simple, environmentally-conscious tips to get you started with living off-grid.

    The Beginner’s Guide to Homesteading

    Sure, living on a homestead may sound simple and peaceful, but there is a lot you need to know to get started. Here are the most important things you need to know about homesteading.

    Should All Environmentalists Be Vegan?

    Environmentalists as a whole are some of the most selfless people. They give up convenience, luxury, and money to reduce their impact on the environment. But when it comes to eating animal products, you’ll get a mixed bag of reactions.

    7 Excellent Tips to Be Eco-Friendly Even If You Live On Campus

    College students are known for their active involvement in many movements and one of those movements is definitely living an eco-friendly life. If you are one of those students, this article has some options to tell which will help you do your part in keeping our environment clean and healthy.
    Green Apartment Checklist - Turn Your Home into a Green, Clean Oasis

    Green Apartment Checklist: Turn Your Home into a Green, Clean Oasis

    Are your towels hung on the drying rack with care, in hopes that lower energy bills soon will be there? Do you have visions of solar panels dancing in your head? Here are some areas to focus on during your green apartment transformation

    5 Ways to Make Sure Your Solar Panels Operate at Their Optimum

    Solar panels are an effective way to cut your carbon footprint as well as your expenses. To entirely exploit the available solar energy, the solar panels must operate at an optimum level. There are a few hacks to ensure the optimum output from the solar panels. This article highlights five various methods of solar panel optimization.
    the best houseplant for your lifestyle

    Choosing the Best Houseplant for Your Lifestyle [Infographic]

    We know by now that indoor plants are great and healthy additions to our homes. Certain plants are proven to improve air quality and help us focus. Keeping a few...
    road trip tips

    12 Eco-Friendly Road Trip Tips

    If you’re in the midst of preparing for your summer road trip but feeling guilty about the environmental cost of your family’s planned activities, don’t fret. There are plenty of simple ways in which you can green up your next road trip without sacrificing too much.


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