Green Living

    Going green and living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be simple with a few changes to your daily routines. In this collection of guides, we help you live green by reducing your impact on the environment.

    Trashy Habits to Kick to the Curb

    The Problem China and the U.S. are the world’s largest producers of waste. It has been predicted that household waste will rise from its current 1.3 billion tons to 2.2 billion...

    5 Green Ideas for Gift Wrapping

    A lot of paper is wasted in wrapping the gifts presented to family and friends. However, you can control this wastage by making use of green ideas for gift wrapping. Keeping...

    How to be Green While Travelling on Business

    London is one of the greatest cities for business. Home to the British stock market, multiple flagship stores of some of the world’s largest retailers and numerous headquarters of some...

    Planning an Eco-Friendly Summer Road Trip

    There are plenty of simple ways in which you can green up your next road trip without sacrificing too much. Read on for some cost-effective tips on how to make this summer’s trip your greenest yet!

    5 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes by Using Green Products

    Going green has various tax advantages that you should know about, also there are different ways you can support green technologies as a person or as an entity. There is...

    How to Clean Kids’ Clothing Stains

    Let’s face it. If it’s not dirty, then the kids most likely didn’t have that much fun doing it. While we want them to go outside and play, we are...

    Solar Powered Security Devices to Protect Your Home

    Security is an important issue especially these days when the occurrence of domestic crimes is on the rise. What’s scary is that a lot of these suburban crimes...

    Creating an Eco-friendly Kids Room

    Our goal is to make the interior of our kids' rooms as eco friendly as possible and diminish the dangerous effects of hazardous materials.

    5 Ways to Make Your Car Journeys More Planet Friendly

    Making a car journey more environmentally sensitive is an easy thing to do. The combination of today’s GPS vehicle trackers and green fuel technology with old-fashioned common sense can lead to a greener planet for the future.
    City Living

    5 green living tips for city dwellers

    You may live in the concrete jungle, but living green is within your grasp.  Care for the earth and yourself with these 5 green living tips for city dwellers:   1....


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