Making the Most of Organic Clothing

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Like food, more and more people are becoming concerned with where their clothes are coming from and how they are made, hoping to get products that are made to the greenest standards and so as organically as possible.

The problem with some organic clothing (and food) is that can be a little boring because of the restrictions in place to make the product as green as it can be and so any opportunity to make it more creative and original should be jumped upon.

One method of making organic clothing more interesting and appealing is to get something printed on it, whether that’s something pre-existing or something you’ve created yourself. Personalised printed polo shirts and hoodies have gained popularity in recent times thanks to the many uses they possess.

As well being an opportunity to be creative and have a bespoke piece to your outfit, they can also come in handy for certain groups that wish to be recognised for one reason or another.

One of the more popular of these groups tend to be stag do parties who will almost always don printed polo shirts or t-shirts garnished with photos and/or names of the lucky man. It is not unknown for hen parties to carry this theme as well as.

Big birthdays are also great opportunities to get some unique shirts, but with any such occasion, it’s great to have a bit of fun and use nicknames for every individual involved and place them on the clothes.

Universities and colleges often take advantage of printed or even embroidered clothing for their various societies and groups to be identified when out and about. Producing a logo that bears the name of the group can be a great way of implementing this.

Sports teams will be after such clothing even more so as they look to set themselves apart from rival teams and look the part with t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies all being part of the team’s match kit and training gear.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to create your own clothing either, with group buyers often getting discounts for bulk purchases.

This article is written by Sam, who writes for embroidered hoodies from Express Garment Printing. Photo via lululemon athletica

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