10 New Year’s Resolutions for a Sustainable Year Ahead

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New Year’s is a time for reflection and goal setting and this New Year could be the best year yet if you make some simple eco-friendly resolutions.

With energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and cost-effective measures taken, individuals have a plethora of options when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.

According to a recent study conducted by Uswitch and Professor Sam Fankhauser of Oxford University Net Zero, from changing our diets, energy consumption habits, to how we travel – there are plenty of actions for 2023 that can help reach zero emissions.

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Results were calculated against the UK’s overall CO2 emissions to reveal which resolutions make the biggest impact in terms of energy savings and environmental protection.

Uswitch.com green energy experts advise that one of the most impactful New Year’s resolutions to reduce your carbon footprint is by switching to a renewable energy tariff, reducing your CO2 emissions significantly.

Implementing any one or all of these resolutions may potentially create great progress towards a net zero future. So this New Year, find ways to include energy saving activities into your daily routine and become part of the solution!

Below are the top 10 changes that make the biggest environmental difference in the coming year:


If we…

Total CO2 emissions reduction


Only use renewable energy



All passenger cars went electric



75% of cars switched to EV



Stopped taking international flights



All went vegan



Stopped commuting by car (opt for the train, bike, or bus)



50% of cars switched to EV



Halved the number of international



Perfectly insulated our homes



Reduced food waste



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Making other small changes like using public transport or cycling to work, reducing international flights, improving house insulation and opting for a vegan diet can also have a big environmental impact with around 30.5 million tons of CO2 being reduced just through changing our commuting habits alone.

So why not give these eco New Year’s resolutions a go in 2023?

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