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Going green and living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be simple with a few changes to your daily routines. In this collection of guides, we help you live green by reducing your impact on the environment.

zero-waste packing tips

6 Zero-Waste Packing Tips

Whether it is making better purchasing decisions, or exploring zero-waste packing skills for your next vacation, ideas are power. So how do we jump on board the zero-waste travel adventure? Here are six considerations.
Hvac for greener home

HVAC Considerations for an Eco-Friendly Home

HVAC systems are notorious for their high energy consumption and carbon footprint. However, they are also a necessary part in daily life. So, how do make your heating and cooling systems greener, save some money and preserve the environment? Keep these HVAC considerations in mind when replacing or upgrading your system.
organic lifestyle

3 Steps to an Organic and Sustainable Lifestyle at Home

An organic lifestyle is more sustainable, saves you some money, protects your health and preserves the environment. These are just a few ways to live an organic lifestyle.
Eco-friendly road trip

12 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Road Trip

Plan a summer road trip without feeling guilty about the environmental impact. Here are 12 simple ways to make your next road trip a little bit more Eco-friendly.
water conservation

How to Conserve Water and Save Money in the Process

As human beings, we all have to share what little freshwater that’s available on this planet. Conserving water is the only way to ensure coming generations also get a taste. Here are a few ways to conserve water, and even save some money in the process.
vacation rental

Going Green to Enhance the Quality of Your Vacation Rental

If you’re in the market to rent out your vacation property, going green will not only be an attractive feature for today’s environmentally conscious culture and consumers, it will also save you money in the long run.
beat the summer heat

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat while Staying Green

Stay cool and stay environmentally friendly this summer by following these suggestions. You'll not only stay cool but, also save on your electric bill, and know you're helping protect and preserve the environment in the process.
Environmentally-Friendly Student

5 Ways To Be a More Environmentally-Friendly Student

Most young students assume that living an Eco-friendly life on campus is difficult. However, you can still do your part in conserving the environment. Learn the tips to becoming a more environmentally friendly student.
go green in college

4 Ways Students Can Go Green in College

Here are several ways how students can go green in college and start living in accordance with their values while conserving the environment.
Energy efficient home

10 Tips for an Energy-Efficient Home

Even if you are already a conscious energy saver, there are always ways to use energy more efficiently. Here are ten suggestions for creating an energy efficient home, without compromising on design, or overspending.


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