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It’s the time of year to be picking gifts for those that you care about, and it’s always important to pick green gifts that the recipient will make good use of. Here are a few eco-friendly gifts to consider for the eco-friendly coffee lover on your list.


Dr. Drip Coffee

Dr Drip Coffee
Dr Drip Coffee

Have you ever been stuck without a cup of coffee? Whether you’re camping, skipped it on your grocery list, or just don’t’ have a proper coffee maker, nothing is worse than wanting to brew a cup without the proper equipment.

Enter Dr. Drip, a biodegradable instant brewing contraption that puts regular ‘instant’ coffee to shame.

All you need is a cup, Dr Drip, and some boiling water, and you’ve got yourself a café-worthy cup of coffee that’s ready to drink. When you’re done with the grinds and brewing container, toss it in your compost and enjoy your drink.

Visit to add a pack of this green coffee to your holiday gift list.


Reusable Mug

Keep Cup
Keep Cups

Despite best intentions, many self-proclaimed environmentalists will still use throwaway cups at the coffee shop, and sometimes only because the baristas need a particular size of cup to brew your drink, and some paper on the outside of your cup to write your order on.

With this in mind, Keep Cup has come up with an ingenious idea: making a barista-friendly reusable mug. Keep Cup is the first barista standard reusable cup for espresso-based drinks, which ensures the same size of cup for mixing milk and coffee.

The line of BPA-free Keep Cups ranges from extra large to miniature, designed specifically for espresso machines that normally don’t allow reusable mugs to fit under the spout.

To top it off, each Keep Cup comes with a band to wrap around the outside of the cup to (1) keep your hand from getting burned, and (2) pencil in your preferences for the barista (ie. Soy, Hot, Low Fat, etc.).

And if the coffee lover on your list is picky about colors, Keep Cup offers an interactive cup designer on its website where you can order a custom reusable cup.

Visit to order your own customized reusable mug.

We hope these green gift ideas will help you find something eco-friendly for the coffee lover on your holiday gift list.

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