The Green Family: 4 Eco-friendly Apps to Help You Go Green

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If you are looking to do your part in the fight to preserve our planet for the next generation, there are new ways popping up every day to help you go green. To help you in this goal, you’ll be glad to know there are a number of relevant phone apps out there to help you. Here are four of today’s most helpful apps to help your family go green.


iRecycle is a considerably extensive information base completely focused on recycling. Users can learn plenty of information about recycling many different materials: electronics, batteries, glass, plastics, metal, paints, and much more. Not only can users learn about different forms of recycling, they can also locate specific recycling centers in any region. Green tips and news are also made available to the user.

Light Bulb Finder

This app was actually named a top green app by the EPA. Its purpose is to provide its users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference database for fitting energy-efficient light bulbs. Some of the main reasons people are slow to switch to energy-saving bulbs involve a lack of clear understanding on equivalent bulb sizes, brightness, light quality, and style. You can also shop for bulbs, make lists, view data, and much more. This app can be used with either wireless or data. Users of this app are left with no excuses to put off the switch to energy-efficient bulbs.

Green Genie

Green Genie is about as close to an “all-in-one” green app as we can imagine. Users can enjoy the benefits of a very large database of sustainable green tips, green projects, and even local programs and happenings relating to anything green. Browse the app’s many educational pages, pick a program, share a link – this app will have you full of ideas in no time. Look for a similar app on your Windows phones from


Do you love fresh, locally grown produce? Are you hesitant to subscribe to big-name, corporate food production? If so, Locavore may be just what you needed. This app is all about localized food offerings. Run the app and quickly find local markets, a specific produce item you would like, verify if it’s in-season, and even view a market’s profile. For those wanting precise knowledge of their foods origins and sellers, Locavore is great.

Still looking for even more green apps? Check your app provider often, check back here often, and keep an ear open to trending, new options. There are some great, green offerings waiting just for you.

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