Do you find it hard to buy gifts for the eco-friendly person on your shopping list?

Or are you trying to help others live more sustainably by finding the perfect products to buy for them on a special occasion?

No matter your reasoning, our Gift Guides will set you on the right track to eco-friendly gifting.

Homemade gift vouchers

Green Holiday Gift Ideas: 5 Inexpensive and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

To find green holiday gifts that are eco-friendly might be a challenge. This is because these gifts, though produced on a massive scale and are inexpensive, may not be...
Mom and Daughter

Where to Find Great Eco-Friendly Products for Mom and Daughter

Your daughter wants whatever is popular at school that month. It could be Silly Bandz bracelets, pink lip gloss, a Justin Bieber backpack, or brand-name jeans—as long as the...
Coffee Beans

Green Gifts for the Coffee Lover

It's the time of year to be picking gifts for those that you care about, and it's always important to pick green gifts that the recipient will make good...
wedding gifts

A green approach to the top 5 wedding gift ideas

Weddings are a celebration of the unity of love, and it is customary to give the happy couple a gift to commemorate the event, and to help them get...
father's day gift idea

Green Presents for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to look for gifts for your Dad. It can be a trick to find “green” gifts, however. Here’s a few thing to...

The Ideal Gift For That New Bundle of Joy

Spring officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere this Saturday and according to the lexicon of Disney, this means many little bundles of joy are headed our way. Inevitably around...
Christmas gift

Green Christmas Tips: Green Gift Ideas To Cut Energy Costs

If you're still strapped for ideas on what to get the green gift lover on your Christmas list this year, maybe LiveScience's list of gifts that, literally, keep on...

Green Holiday Gifts: A Piece Of The Ocean

Here's an affordable gift that no one else will be getting your friends or family: a piece of the Ocean!Still feeling stuck on what to get your eco-loving friends...