The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

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eco-friendly gifts for kids

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The planet is swamped with plastic waste, and more trash keeps adding onto the pile. It is high time we learned the value of living a clutter-free life that is also eco-sensitive.

With fewer things and more earth around us, we stand to gain an experience that is more involved with nature, and the generations to come will benefit from a more inhabitable planet.

Eco-friendly living starts in childhood. Childhood habits can shape our relationship with the planet and also create a more value-driven life.

As we prepare for this year’s big holidays, choose gifts that don’t just lie around, but those that teach your child to live sustainably.


Eco-friendly gift ideas for kids

Recycled toys

stuffed animal

If your little one really wants a toy, there are ways to make them happy while also making the planet happy. Recycled dolls are made of cotton and stuffed with recycled plastic bottles. They often come with little tags that narrate a backstory to the toy, along with a note on how to save the planet.

Kids will love the comfort of a cotton toy, along with the realness of one that comes with a backstory. Several recycled toy options exist in the market these days, including tiny golf sets, knitted cuddle toys, and miniature boat models. They are made safe for kids, and more importantly, these toys biodegrade.


Make your own garden boxes

blond child smelling daffodils

Introduce your kid to the world, growing their own food with a gardening kit.

A gardening kit should contain seeds, soil appropriate for the seeds, and all the mulch and manure needed to prepare the planting ground. The kit could also include a tiny recyclable watering can and little grow bags for households without a big enough backyard.

Gardening kits can be made to accommodate siblings, making it a team activity. This way, kids can start on their own sustainable journey right from childhood.

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Bird kits


Bird kits contain different kinds of bird seeds with which you can teach your kid to interact with birds the next time you go to a park, or even in your backyard.

The bird kit can also have cards to help children identify the birds as they come to eat the seeds.

Interacting with nature involves interacting with the inhabitants. Help your kid develop a bond with the creatures of nature with a birding kit.

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Jigsaw sets

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids - jigsaw puzzle

Want to teach your child world geography creatively? Or how about a fun way to learn the shapes? Jigsaw puzzles are great for kids to learn the forms of things on their own.

Putting together the pieces of continents and then creating the entire world map can go a long way in making a world citizen. It might be pocket friendly too.

In fact, you can make the jigsaw puzzle on your own by cutting out the pieces on cardboard. This gift might be suitable for kids who are over six years old.

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Kids’ Books that have a green message

You can find several books in the market designed to introduce the concept of green living to kids.

What better way to encourage a reading habit among your kids, while helping them develop eco-awareness!

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  1. Many of us are more conscious than ever of what we buy this Christmas, and are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly gifts for kids. The degree of creativity children bring to their play will directly affect the level of creativity they bring to their work and thinking later in life. So the best ethical and sustainable xmas gift would be a chess board that will last a lifetime, and some e-book to learn how to play (e.g. net-bossorg/chess-puzzles-for-kids-by-maksim-aksanov)


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