7 Personalized Gifts That Will Be Treasured Instead of Ending Up in Landfill

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Most people think that buying gifts for their friends or family members is difficult.

In fact, 55% of people ask for help in finding the perfect present. But despite all the great eco-friendly gift lists, including ones for dads and teenagers, many of our gifts, unfortunately, end up in the landfill.

To prevent this, you should consider getting your loved ones a gift they’ll always treasure. These include gifts that are hand-made, personalized, and intended to last for at least a decade.

7 Personalized Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Always Treasure

If you want to make sure your loved ones enjoy the following presents, talk to them about their interests at least a month before the gift-giving event. 

Here are 7 gifts you should consider.

1. Photo Album 

photo album

A photo album filled with memories of special moments is a great way to bring people together. Whether you select a scrapbook with space to paste in photos or opt for a digital album with room for videos, photos and audio recordings, the memories included will last for years to come. 

You can even create themed photo books yourself if you use websites like Mixbook. Their templates make it easy for designers and non-designers to make stunning photo albums. If you want to gift something smaller along the same theme, you could make a photo keychain.

2. Customized Jewelry 

Gifting personalized jewelry is always a hit. You can engrave names, dates, and unique messages on necklaces, rings, charm bracelets, and earrings for that special something that won’t disappoint. Subtle engravings are usually more popular with adults and seniors.

Unless the person expresses that they like wearing jewelry with their names visible, avoid necklaces that display that. A person may feel uncomfortable with strangers knowing their names. Either way, make sure the jewelry is high-quality and made of real metal or gems.

3. Personalized Wall Art 

wall art

Personalized wall art featuring favorite characters, special quotes, or mementos of special moments is both recent and timeless. From wall art made from vinyl decals to metal wall art and canvases, there’s something to please everyone.

But what if they aren’t into displaying art?

You could get them a personalized nameplate instead. Personalized nameplates are great for special occasions, such as birthdays and graduations. Plus, they have utility in the office. Whether you choose a wooden or metal plate, it’s sure to be a gift that stands out from the rest. 

4. Quirky Keepsake 

A quirky keepsake, like a personalized bobblehead, is a fun reminder of shared laughs and special times. Plus, the more unique his gift is, the more your recipient will cherish it. If you want to give multiple keepsakes, consider making or purchasing a memento box especially for them.

A memento box filled with special items like trinkets, coins, and mementos from special occasions is a perfect way to surprise your recipient. You can add a personalized touch by engraving the box. When done right, these boxes will hold a lot of sentimental value. 

5. Specialized Cookbook 


If your recipient loves to cook, consider a personalized cookbook. Whether you opt for a printed or digital book, you can customize the recipes to your recipient’s tastes. Your friends or family members will love whipping up one of your recipes as they come and go in the kitchen! 

If you’re designing this for a friend, add a family recipe that you’re sure they’ll love. Not only is this a great way to share your culture with your friends, but it also makes it more likely they pass this recipe on to their children. This way, they’ll always be a part of your extended family.

6. Engraved Glassware 

Engraved glassware is a timeless and unique way to show your recipient how much they mean to you. Plus, glassware has endless utility. You can find everything from personalized wine glasses, whiskey flasks, and champagne flutes to shot glasses, beer mugs, and martini glasses. 

Take note of the recipient’s personality when buying the glassware. Personalized glassware has a reputation for being cheap (think dollar store name mugs), so try to avoid ceramic or clay mugs if possible. Consider purchasing quality glassware and getting it engraved afterward. 

7. Customized Blanket 

Snuggle up with a customized blanket with a special message on it. Whether it’s a throw blanket for the living room or an extra-large quilt for a king-sized bed, this cozy gift is one your recipient will never want to give away. You can even add a dash of humor when creating the blanket.

For example, some companies let you print comic book panels or a person’s face on the blanket. With that said, some of these companies don’t produce quality blankets, so be careful. When in doubt, go for a blanket made of biodegradable materials like cotton, hemp, or linen.

In Conclusion…

No matter what type of personalized gift you choose, making sure it’s special for your recipient is the most important. With a bit of thought and creativity, you can easily create something that will be treasured for a lifetime. The longer they keep the gift, the more eco-friendly it’ll be!

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