Homemade gift vouchers
A personalized card or gift voucher is a eco-friendly way to add a personal touch and there are plenty of tutorials online to create your own

To find green holiday gifts that are eco-friendly might be a challenge. This is because these gifts, though produced on a massive scale and are inexpensive, may not be eco-friendly. Whatever the trending style, caring for the environment will never be outdated. Also, more and more people concerned about the environment are going green and preferring things that are environmentally-friendly.

Keeping this in mind, various companies are trying hard to innovate ways that appeals to these people. There are many green holiday gift ideas that one can use. For example, organic jeans that are made with a reduced amount of carbon, vacuums made of the plastic remains of the ocean, personal trees, etc. Some of them are mentioned in detail below:


1.    Personal Trees

Don’t just plant trees once a year on an Arbor Day, instead gift some plants or trees to your friends who are eco-friendly. You can buy a baby tree, a small shrub or a potted flower from your nearest local nursery or a garden center. This can be a memorable gift for your eco-friendly friends as the tree continues to grow with proper water and soil and it can be a lasting reminder of your friendship. Moreover, trees have a long life and recycle the air, thus reducing the overall pollution. The world needs more of such trees, so from a wider perspective it is not only beneficial but also practical to gift trees.


2.    Eco-Friendly Bags

These eco-friendly bags are a must have for those supporting a green lifestyle. These are easily available at different stores. They are eco-friendly because the amount of carbon in these recycled bags is very small. In addition to that, they are comparatively more durable than the plastic or paper bags. To promote the use of such bags, some of the stores offer a discount of a few cents on the total bill of the groceries purchased.

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3.    Personalized Greeting Cards

Eco-friendly personalized greeting cards

can be made of recycled paper and inks made of vegetable oils. They are not of an inferior quality to those cards that are made of printing ink. Traditional printing ink has chemicals that can be harmful for your health and the environment overall.  Whereas, the vegetable based ink does not have any chemicals to it, does not harm the environment by causing pollution and is made of soya bean oil.

You can also use paper from the sustainable forests for making these cards. Such forests have trees that are specifically grown for paper manufacturing purposes.
You can even create e-cards and send them to your friends and family via e-mail. E-cards can give you a lot of flexibility as you can use animated images or different musical tones to make them pleasant and attractive. These cards can be in various colors and you may even write a memorable verse for your friend.


4.    Re-Cycled Bracelets

Bracelets that are re-cycled do not mean that they are out of fashion. They are equally fashionable like the ones that are brand new. These bracelets are handmade and are made of used soda and food labels or candy wrappers. They are available in a variety of colors, are up-to-date with fashion, and are eco-friendly. Moreover, the design is not specifically aimed for men or women, which mean these bracelets, can be used by both the genders.

One of the companies, who deal in these types of bracelets, sells them for as low as $25 a piece. Moreover, they even plant a tree for each bracelet sold.

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5.    Recyclable Make-up

A majority of the women love make-up as a gift. You can gift them organic makeup that gives a natural look. This may be a little pricey, however, it can be beneficial as it is made of natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. If this seems too expensive to you, you can buy only one or two individual makeup items rather than purchasing the entire makeup kit.

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