Even if you don’t consider yourself a “green thumb”, our Gardening Guides will help you make the most of your outdoor space and contribute to you living a more sustainable lifestyle.

    From chemical-free pest control to companion planting and yard accents, we cover it all!

    Water Hose

    How to Save Water & Keep Your Plants Green

    Having a garden can be a great accessory to your home. If your garden is made up of flowers or plants, the beautiful shapes and colors can be a...

    Guide to Growing Cantaloupe

    Cantaloupe is a tasty fruit that is rich in vitamin A and C. It's identified by its striking exterior and orange flesh, and is normally consumed by itself or in...

    Kill Dandelions Naturally and Effectively

    Getting rid of dandelions can be a challenge because of their twelve in roots and brittle tap roots. There are ways to do it without using harmful chemical agents. Dandelions...

    Wildlife Friendly Native Hedges

    It’s hard to believe that native hedging varieties such as Hawthorn and Blackthorn can be home to as much as 350 species of wildlife. In the countryside hedges act as...
    patio garden

    Patio Farmer: The World of Container Gardening

    In tight urban areas, planting a full-size garden is often impossible. Add to that the time required to keep up a garden, and for many people living their busy...

    Vertical Gardens: What You Need To Know To Grow Your Own

    A couple weeks ago we ran a story about urban planners in Mexico City looking to build vertical gardens to help clean the air without taking up any...


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