Even if you don’t consider yourself a “green thumb”, our Gardening Guides will help you make the most of your outdoor space and contribute to you living a more sustainable lifestyle.

    From chemical-free pest control to companion planting and yard accents, we cover it all!

    the best houseplant for your lifestyle

    Choosing the Best Houseplant for Your Lifestyle [Infographic]

    We know by now that indoor plants are great and healthy additions to our homes. Certain plants are proven to improve air quality and help us focus. Keeping a few...

    How to Clean Up Your Yard for Spring

    The chilly winters are gone, and so the snowy weather with it as well. It is time to take up your gardening tools and prepare your garden for the Spring season, which will eventually ready your yard for the warm summers ahead.

    The Homeowner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

    In this article, we outline why every homeowner should have a rain barrel set up for rainwater harvesting, how to set up your rain barrel, some of the best uses for rainwater once you collect it, and some important information on the legality of rain barrels in some U.S. states (seriously – in some places, they're outlawed).

    5 Things You Should Do for Your Garden in Spring

    As the garden is in the dormant phase during the beginning of the year, it is a great time to prepare the earth for the growing season ahead in the spring.
    hydroponic gardening

    An Introduction to Hydroponic Gardening [Infographic]

    Ask people what makes plants grow and they may come up with the similar reply: soils. Right answer, but that's not the only one. The garden can be grown soilless,...
    frosty flowers

    Winter Weather & the Damage it Can Do to Plants

    If you’ve ever wondered why a considerable amount of plants in your garden don’t survive the winter weather, make sure you carry on reading this article ...
    watering can

    Is Watering Plants With Softened Water Good Or Bad?

    Whilst softening hard water will likely benefit you and your household, the same can’t be said for your garden. In fact, watering your garden, plants and soil with softened water is actually detrimental to their health.
    neem flower

    5 Things You Can Do With Neem Oil

    Neem oil is one of nature’s often overlooked natural remedies, and it’s packed with natural remedy uses — and it will help keep the pests away!
    eco friendly lawn

    How to Have a Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Lawn

    Here are a few suggestions for taking the strain out of mowing, and producing a lawn to be proud of, with time to enjoy it.
    kill weeds naturally

    4 Ways to Kill Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals

    Herbicides… yuck!! The thought of spraying florasulam and glyphosate around the yard is abhorrent to you. As an alternative, let’s look at 4 commonly practiced alternative methods. They’re not necessarily as fast acting but are effective and completely safe, except for the weeds, of course.


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