Even if you don’t consider yourself a “green thumb”, our Gardening Guides will help you make the most of your outdoor space and contribute to you living a more sustainable lifestyle.

    From chemical-free pest control to companion planting and yard accents, we cover it all!


    10 Homemade Weed Killers to Use in Your Garden

    Anyone who owns a garden knows how pesky weeds can be. Here are 10 homemade weed killers to use in your garden and around your home.
    Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium flower

    Pyrethrins: An Organic Gardener’s Best Friend

    Pyrethrins are one of the most popular options for organic gardeners. Keep reading to see why more green thumbs are making sure these products are in their gardening arsenal.

    Using Organic vs Targeted Chemicals in Your Garden

    How can we rid ourselves of biological invaders, foreign destructive species and recurring rot? The answer is, sometimes, to use chemicals.
    Garden ecosystems

    Indigenous Ecosystems in Your Garden

    For those of us who have already established gardens, the fight against invaders seems impossible. Is it worth all the effort to restore the natural balance? Here are five reasons why maintaining, or restoring, a balanced and original ecosystem is better for everyone.

    Top 10 Evergreen Shrubs [Infographic]

    We know that you want to mix up your garden so it looks beautiful across the seasons. So here's our pick of the top 10 evergreen shrubs for an easy and reliable display. Enjoy!
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    5 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Garden [Infographic]

    This infographic will teach you all kinds of simple eco-friendly gardening hacks that can make a huge difference to our planet, and may even inspire newbies to get outdoors and develop a new hobby in the garden!

    6 Vegetable Planting Tips for Beginners

    Is it worth it? We think so. What could be better than the feeling of accomplishment in taming a patch of ground? Here are 6 vegetable planting tips for the beginners in veggie gardening.

    The Beginner’s Guide to Homesteading

    Sure, living on a homestead may sound simple and peaceful, but there is a lot you need to know to get started. Here are the most important things you need to know about homesteading.
    tulip in spring

    Top 10 Planting Tips for Springtime

    With springtime right around the corner, it’s time to dust off those gardening tools and get ready to hit the nursery. 

    How to Get Rid of Garden Pests Without Chemicals

    Home gardening accounts for an astonishing 75% of all pesticides used in North America, making it several million pounds used per year. Fortunately, there are a number of natural alternatives to these potent and dangerous chemicals, most of which are harmless to people and animals.


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