5 Low-Maintenance Flowers To Decorate Your Home

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Flowers enrich a home and add life and beauty. However, flowers require care and since most people are on the go, they skip the flowers because they cannot properly care for them. The thing is, a home can still have flowers even when a person has limited time. There are many low-maintenance flowers that add brilliance and beauty without requiring a lot of care.

1. Impatiens

Impatiens are an annual flower that most think to plant outside to help cover empty ground spots. However, this is a very low-maintenance flower that can be used in the home too to add color and life to your home. These come in a large variety of colors, including white, rose, scarlet, violet, pink, orange, burgundy and bicolored. The associated foliage ranges from bronze to a deep, glossy green. These tend to grow to 12 to 15 inches, but can range from six to 30 inches in height.

These only require partial sun, so they can be placed throughout the home without doing them harm. They can be placed in full sun, however, if you wish to put them in or near a window. They can be put in a pot, a hanging basket or just about any plant container. You should know that when these are placed close together, they tend to grow more, so you will have to space them well if you wish to keep them smaller.

Soil pH should be neutral, so a basic soil and fertilizer will do the job. You want these flowers to be moist, but not too wet. They will lose leaves if they dry out. This is not difficult to maintain though. Checking them once a day and watering when necessary is about all the care that they need.

2. Liatris

The liatris, also known as the gayfeather, is a tall flower that comes in a brilliant purple color. The foliage is a deep green, creating a really eye-catching contrast. These are often grown as a commercial cut flower because they are very easy to take care of in the home. These are tall flowers, ranging from an average of 29 to 35 inches in height. They can be placed in any pot or planter in the home and with little care will flourish.

These do require full sun, so placing them near a window is best. They can be placed in any type of soil with any pH and grow well. The soil moisture also does not make much of a difference, as it can be moist, dry or right in the middle without causing problems. This is one of those flowers that you check on once a day and water when needed and that is it. It is truly very low-maintenance.

3. Marigold

Marigolds are very popular in floral arrangements, but also make a really good houseplant. These annuals come in different shades of yellow and orange with deep green foliage. There are more than 50 species and the height depends on the species. Some grow only six inches while others can reach five feet in height. The French marigolds are what we often see and these are the smaller ones.

This flower does require full sun, so window placement is ideal. They will thrive best in soil that is well-drained and fertile, but can grow in any soil type. They should be spaced well, about 12 inches apart for best results. It only takes a few weeks for blooms to start appearing. Not much has to be done for these except watering them when they need it. You can use small pots and put one in each for best results.

4. Peony

Peonies are bright flowers with lush foliage. As long as this flower is planted well and allowed to grow, they will thrive and not need much care at all. These come in red, yellow, pink and white. This hardy flower can be placed in either full sun or partial sun. Any planter or pot will work for this plant, but it should allow for deep soil. There should be good space between each flower, or simply put one in each pot.

The soil pH should be neutral with this flower, as well as moist and able to drain well. This flower is easy to care for, but it does take time to bloom and grow, sometimes as much as a full year. Only a little fertilizer is needed for these flowers and once it is in there, no more is needed once they have bloomed. Water them when needed and trim off any dead blooms. This is all the care that they need.

5. Iris

Irises are very romantic and delicate-looking flowers. This perennial, however, is very easy to grow and is reliable and hardy. This is a classic case of not letting looks deceive you. This flower can be found in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, purple, multi-colored, orange, blue and white. There are more than 300 species of this flower, so there are many different heights and sizes. The most common type, known as bearded irises, generally grow to 28 inches and higher.

This flower can be placed in full or partial sun in your home. You want to make sure to expose them to at least partial sun because they will not bloom if they do not get some sun. Any flowerpot will work for these, as long as you can get some soil in it. They will grow in any type of soil, but it must be well drained. They do prefer a soil that is slightly acidic or neutral.

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