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Even if you don’t consider yourself a “green thumb”, our Gardening Guides will help you make the most of your outdoor space and contribute to you living a more sustainable lifestyle.

From chemical-free pest control to companion planting and yard accents, we cover it all!

Organic Gardening Problems

5 Organic Gardening Problems and How to Fix Them

Organic gardening can be a dream for many home gardeners to grow tomatoes and other vegetables. Here, you can learn common organic gardening problems and what to do
get the most from a small garden

6 Clever Ways to Get the Most From a Small Garden

Despite the challenges of small garden spaces, there are ways to make the most of your limited area. You can grow a bountiful harvest in a tight spot with a bit of creativity and planning. Here are six ingenious tips for getting the most out of a small garden:
basement garden

How to Start a Basement Garden

How cool would it be if you could just go down to the basement to pick a few extra fresh and organic tomatoes and peppers from your own garden? Yeah, you read that right - we are talking about a veggie garden, in your basement, while outside the soil is frozen. Is this really possible? Definitely, here's the guide to get you started.
vertical farming

Vertical Farming: Benefits for Small House Owners + Its Impact on Full-Scale Farming

Vertical farming involves using vertically stacked layers and other innovative resources to help you plant your crops vertically. Traditionally, most farming involves growing plants on a horizontal surface in a garden or a farm. This post will cover the benefits of vertical farming for small house owners and explore its impact on full-scale farming. 

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Greenhouses (But Should)

Sure, you may know that greenhouses are typically used to grow plants. But there's a lot more to these structures than meets the eye. Here are five things you probably don't know about greenhouses – but should.
beginner gardening mistakes

Gardening Mistakes Most Beginners Make and How to Fix Them

For many people, gardening is a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. However, it can also be a lot intimidating at first. There's a lot to do to keep a garden looking its best, from weeding and watering to mulching and pruning. But, the effort is often worth it. Here are some mistakes to avoid if you're a beginning gardener, and the best ways to fix them!
Types of composting

6 Types of Composting: Finding the Right One for You

Looking to start your composting journey at home? You can compost vegetable and fruit peels, eggshells and other biodegradable items for use in your garden. Discover six common types of composting to choose the right method for your home. 
breathe new life into dying soils

How to Breathe New Life into Dying Soil

Improving soil health can significantly impact everything from garden production to farm profitability and environmental sustainability. But what if your soil is in bad shape, and you don't know where to start? Here are a few signs to look for and ways to breathe back life into your soil.
tulip in spring

Top 10 Planting Tips for Springtime

With springtime upon us, it’s time to dust off those gardening tools and get ready to hit the nursery.

How to Keep Your Garden Neat and Tidy in all Seasons

Not many people are lucky enough to live in a house with a beautiful garden. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, be sure to do it proud by keeping it in the best condition in all seasons. Here's how


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