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    Even if you don’t consider yourself a “green thumb”, our Gardening Guides will help you make the most of your outdoor space and contribute to you living a more sustainable lifestyle.

    From chemical-free pest control to companion planting and yard accents, we cover it all!

    small garden designs

    Small Garden Design Ideas

    Small gardens are compact, cozy, and inspiring. Learn the pro tricks that will help you create a thriving garden in your own backyard.
    eco-friendly habits - gardening

    The Value of Gardening as a Hobby

    Gardening as a hobby is a calming and rewarding activity. Here are the different ways people thrive alongside their gardens.
    flowers from seeds

    Growing Flowers from Seeds: All You Need to Know

    Growing flowers from seeds is a highly satisfactory process. However, one should master a few tricks to ensure the best result. Here are the few things you should know.
    kitchen garden

    How to Create a Kitchen Garden – Infographic

    Gardening brings a sense of achievement and accomplishment. The infographic details the best ways to start and create a thriving kitchen garden.

    Gardening Tips for Beginners

    If you’ve never gardened before, there is no time like the present. Here are six easy ways to get your hands dirty.

    Cultivating a Sustainable Garden with Beekeeping

    Whether you are a fan of honey, want to incorporate more beautiful flowers into your space or love being able to have a positive impact on the environment, beekeeping can prove to be a fun and a sustainable hobby.

    10 Autumn Gardening Tips

    Are you anxiously looking forward to tame and keep your garden in shape during the cold and dry season of Autumn? Here are 10 exclusive Autumn gardening tips which will help you achieve this goal easily.

    8 Tips for Vegetable Gardening in Winter

    Focusing on seasonal vegetables as we prepare for winter is a sustainable approach to vegetable gardening. Winter vegetables grow slower, need slightly less water, and don’t overdraw on the nutrients in the soil. Here are 8 essential tips you can use for gardening in winter.

    5 Urban Gardening Basics

    City life does not have to be drab and grey! Urban gardening trends can offer a taste of the green prairies – but with a lot more style and much softer hands. Here are five ways to keep nature thriving in an urban home.

    Hydroponic Cultures in Your Kitchen

    Hydroponics provide you with a very interesting, unique approach when it comes to cultivating and growing vegetables in your home. Even if you live in an apartment, you can create a hydroponics system for your kitchen.


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