Energy Saving Ideas for Your Workplace

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If your business is looking to implement a new building management system with accompanying hot water and heating, you’ll want to make sure that you do it the right way.

Nowadays, it isn’t just about how much your office heating is likely to cost your organisation, it’s also about the ethically correct choice, you need to consider what’s best to save on your energy consumption and reduce your business carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Ideas

Renewable energy is one of the most popular methods of saving energy with solar panels probably being one of the easiest and most readily adopted methods. If you wish to save on your energy consumption the investment of solar panels is a good method as it ticks two boxes: not only does it use renewable “green” energy, but it also saves on your bills and energy use. Whatever energy you don’t use that is created from your solar panels can be fed back into the national grid. This feedback tariff enables your business to reduce its annual energy costs.

Upgrade existing energy sources.


Replace your existing radiators with upgraded modern rointe k series radiators, for example. These radiators utilise less energy and are far more energy efficient, helping to meet your energy saving targets year on year out.

Water heating can see massive energy savings by looking at how hot water is utilised. If you have storage tanks, look into insulation, if you use boilers, check for the latest most efficient combi-boilers to realise your energy savings.


By taking a good look at the lighting used in your business you can make huge annual energy savings. In recent years there has been a massive trend to replace filament light bulbs in the home with energy saving equivalents. Unfortunately, this trend hasn’t quite been extended to the workplace at quite the same level. By updating old fluorescent lighting and installing low-energy consuming modern equivalents, you can reduce your energy use and your carbon footprint.


It’s not just lights and heating and power that you can look at to make energy savings. Why not look at how you use your IT? Consolidate the number of the printers used in your business into large multi-function devices and you can save on both print costs and energy use simultaneously.

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