How Your Roof Affects Your HVAC System

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Your HVAC unit works by squeezing heat and humidity out of the air, and that leaves your home cool and comfortable.

If you are battling high cooling bills because the system is constantly straining, then the culprit might actually be the roof.

Here are a few of the ways your roof can make your HVAC system work more efficiently.


Heat Absorption

If you’ve ever worn dark shoes on a hot day, then you understand that dark colors absorb heat and hold it in more than light colors.

The same concept is true when it comes to your roof.

A roof covered with dark asphalt shingles will absorb the heat into the attic space. From the attic, it presses down on the living space in your home in search of somewhere to go. The end result is an air conditioning unit that works overtime to cool the living areas.

Look for roofs that reflect heat to create a cooler attic and home. One option is a reflective metal roof that will prevent the sun’s heat from invading your home.


One-Way Heat Transfer

Heat naturally transfers into your home through certain roofing materials, and that makes your AC work harder.

However, heat also builds up inside the attic space simply from the high outside temperatures.

The best way to keep the attic cool is to invest in roofing materials that will reflect heat coming in from the outside and release heat trapped on the inside. Re-emissive metal roof surfaces do both.

The absorbed solar radiation that’s heating your attic is released back to the outdoor environment, and the direct rays from the sun are reflected safely away.


Invest in Radiant Barrier

If your HVAC ducts run through the attic or a crawlspace, then a radiant barrier will help you save money.

The exterior heating that suffocates your attic can cause your ducts to lose the cold air that’s meant for your living space.

With the right barrier installed on the ducts, the cold air will remain intact and be delivered to the rooms you want it in.


Have Attic Ventilation Inspected

Attics are cooled by creating a draft that pulls fresh air in along the eaves and releases it through the vents at the highest points. When ventilation is not adequate, the heat sits in the attic and becomes oppressive.

This harms the efficiency of your HVAC unit, and it can bake your shingles from underneath.

The connection between your roof and your air conditioning bill may not seem clear at first, but the roof you have will make a big difference on how hard your home is to cool.

Investing in a green roof that’s energy efficient will help you save money throughout the year through lower utility bills.

The roofing material will cost a little more when you have it installed, but it is worth it when you consider how it will help you lower utility bills and prolong the life of your air conditioner.

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