Eco-friendly Halloween Candy for Trick or Treaters

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Halloween is one holiday everyone enjoys. Whether it’s carving out a pumpkin together or planning for your Halloween outfit to outdo others’, it’s an exciting time of the year.

A very important Halloween tradition is taking to the streets to “trick or treat”. While this tradition makes Halloween a lot more exciting for trick or treaters, it’s not always the best for the planet. Most candy and other Halloween treats handed out at Halloween to trick or treaters come in unsustainable packaging and result in an immense amount of waste.

Furthermore, the candy you give out might be made with chemicals or additives that you would never let your own children eat – so why give it out to the neighbors?

Growing concerns for the environment has made it necessary for us to re-evaluate our choices and the way we celebrate different festivals. Today, many eco-friendly candy options are available that can make your Halloween a sustainable one.

Here are some options for eco-friendly Halloween candy for trick or treaters.

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