Eco-friendly Gifts to Give this Christmas

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It truly is the most wonderful time of the year coming up, where we focus on the gift of life we have received.  In the spirit of the season, our decisions should be considerate of others, and of the world in which we live and love. 

What could be better than a heartfelt exchange of gifts which are both kind to the earth and deeply personal?



Expensive and Eco-friendly Gifts

It is sometimes suggested we buy gifts for that people would not usually go out and buy for themselves. Often these unique gifts are expensive, but not always.


Sometimes the items are just things we tend to see as luxuries or excessive spending.  It may just be an item we have never seen or used before but which may change our lives.

Why not give others the opportunity to invest in an eco-friendly lifestyle by finding out what may enhance their home or garden.  Consider the following ideas:

  • solar-powered products,
  • energy-efficient products,
  • recycled furniture and upcycled home decor,
  • indigenous trees, and fruit or herb pot plants,
  • unique organic and animal-friendly cosmetics,
  • zero-waste travel products,
  • and gadgets or appliances to encourage eco-friendly activities (like composting, recycling, and subsistence homesteading).



Anything Reusable

Reusable gifts are the way to go since single-use items are much of the problem in our polluted oceans and shrinking natural habitats.  

Buy beautiful, luxurious reusable products for someone special, which let them know how much you value and care for them.

It does not only have to be stainless steel straws and glass water bottles.  

Why not invest in some beautiful fabric carry bags, organic cloth diapers with stunning designs for new mothers, stainless steel or bamboo crockery, and growing gifts (which are fully compostable growing kits, usually featuring uplifting messages or seasonal wisdom on the bag).




Giving responsibly-sourced, ethical gifts is also in line with building a better world. Look for vegan-friendly products stamped with Fairtrade practices and cruelty-free endorsements.   

Jewelry from sustainable sources, like ethically-sourced diamonds, is a beautiful gesture to a cherished loved one.

It is also a wonderful chance to get into the spirit of giving by looking for products which donate a portion of the proceeds to worthy causes.



Local Support

Local communities light up at Christmas time, and not only with twinkling fairy lights and glowing garden figurines hiding under falling snowflakes.

It is especially wonderful to support local talent in the season of giving. Buy from local artists, local grocers, and local businesses.

Source your fresh produce and meat from local farmers, especially organic products. Forgo the imported, cross-country deliveries at all costs.



Ethical Dealers

Choose ethically-sourced clothing labels for unique creations that are as kind to the environment as they are to your body.  

Brands like Patagonia are great choices. They repair clothing, for example, rather than dispose of it – on the Worn Wear section of their website.

Buying gifts like these also help to create awareness about better choices out there.



Not the Usual ‘Green Fingers’

Sometimes a digital gift is the most environmentally-friendly gift you can give.

An eBook, for example.  It is portable, it does not need to be stored or dusted, and it can be disposed of or archived with a click of a button instead of becoming another item for the overflowing landfills in your area.

Learn about their interests and hobbies and try to find an awesome app to match this.

Buy a bird app or a plant identification app for someone so they can learn about the world right outside their window, and educate their children, too.

There are cool gardening apps, geographic apps, energy-saving apps, and homesteading apps.



Wrapping it Up

Lastly, forego the wrapping paper and use some recyclable materials instead, like brown paper wrapping.  

If the simplicity of the paper isn’t quite what you had in mind for a colorful Christmas gathering, dolly it up with stencils, stamps, art, dried flowers, organic ribbons, and free-hand drawings.  

It’ll be much more personal, and better for the environment, too.

Even better, wrap the gift up in a breathtaking fabric bag that can be reused later.

Why not make it one that donates a portion of its proceeds to a worthy cause, too? Merry Christmas, everyone!

What other ideas have you shared for an eco-friendly Christmas this year?

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