Earth Week Special Part V: Greener Ideal Yard Tips

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To celebrate Earth Week, every day this week we will be bringing you tips on products, services, and new technologies that can make every part of your life a little greener. Today, for our last special, we look at ways to improve your backyard, so keep reading for ways to reduce your energy consumption, and save money too!

For our final Earth Week installment, we are looking at tips to “green” your backyard. You may remember the other day when we discussed a new system called “greywater” and how it could benefit your bathroom, household appliances, and even your landscape. To recap, the greywater system collects used water from places like your dishwasher, washing machine, taps, and shower, then filters it, and then allows you to use it in whatever way you’d like. In this case, it would be a great way to keep your backyard grass looking green all summer long, or making sure that newly planted trees are able to thrive even in the driest season.

Once you have a thriving yard with lots of grass, it’s time to think about what you’re using to cut it.  It’s a real hassle to use an electric lawnmower while trying to handle the cord and not electrocute yourself at the same time. But with recent technological developments, lawnmowers are now rechargeable battery powered (for an example, take a look at the EnviroMower). This electric lawnmower will make sure that you never have to worry about running over your cords again.

In the summertime, when backyard parties are happening every weekend, there’s usually a lot of lights on in the backyard, and especially if you have a pool. A trend that has become more popular in the past few years is using solar-powered stand-alone lights that can be dropped anywhere in the ground. However, many of these products don’t emit the amount of light that you’d like if you’re spending time with guests in your backyard. That’s why it might not be a bad idea to look into a product like the WindMaster. This residential wind turbine can be placed anywhere atop your roof, tool shed, or pool house, and you’ll be able to generate enough clean energy to power just about all of your backyard activities (including running your pool heater).

And speaking of heating your pool, if you are running a propane or natural gas heater, it may be time to think about switching to solar. The operating costs for a gas heater significantly increase the cost of extending your swimming season, whereas a solar-powered heating system can be run cost-free. If you have questions about heating your pool with a solar powered system, or want to know what to look for when purchasing one, check out Solar Developments for all you’ll need to know.

That wraps up our last special for Earth Week. We hope that this helped spark some interest in environmental topics, and maybe help you lead a greener lifestyle this summer.

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