How to Decorate a Wine Bottle with Gift Tissue Paper

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Gift tissue paper comes in many different colors and designs. It was once primarily used inside gift boxes to protect and cover items.

Today, it has found new popularity as a material that is often used to hide the items in gift bags.

What you may not know about gift tissue paper, however, is that it is often used in craft projects and is an excellent choice for decorating wine bottles. Here, are the steps to get you started.

  1. Select a wine bottle that you wish to decorate. If it has one, set the cork to the side. Soak the wine bottle in warm soapy water to help remove the wine label from the bottle.
  2. Remove the wine label from the bottle. You may find it helpful to use a razor blade to remove any sticky residue that remains. Allow the wine bottle to dry.
  3. Spray the wine bottle with a primer if you wish to paint it. Allow the primer to dry. Spray painting the bottle will give the bottle and gift tissue paper an opaque look. If you would like for the bottle to have a more translucent appearance you may skip to Step 7.
  4. Choose a gloss or matte spray paint to use on your wine bottle.
  5. Take the wine bottle outside to paint. Put a piece of wax paper or cardboard on a flat surface and place the wine bottle on top of it.
  6. Hold the spray paint can away from the bottle. Spray the paint a little at a time to ensure that the spray paint does not run. Allow the bottle to dry.
  7. Tear the gift tissue paper into small pieces. If there is a design on the paper, you may wish to cut out the patterns and use larger pieces instead.
  8. Use a small dry paint brush to apply a thin layer of decoupage medium to the wine bottle. Press the gift tissue paper onto the wine bottle. Paint over the gift tissue paper lightly and gently with the paint brush.
  9. Continue to add small pieces of the gift tissue paper to the wine bottle. Allow the pieces of gift tissue paper to overlap, going around the bottle until it is completely covered. If you are using larger pieces with a pattern and have painted your bottle, you may wish to use the gift tissue paper more sparingly and let more of the spray paint show through.
  10. Allow the decoupage on the bottle to completely dry.
  11. Return the cork to the bottle or leave the bottle top open, whichever you desire. Your wine bottle is now ready to display.

If you would like a more decorative look for your wine bottle, you may wish to dress the neck of the bottle up with some gauge wire.

Use a 20-gauge wire to wrap around the neck of the bottle. Start at the top where the cork is located. Continue winding it around the bottle to the base of the neck. Imagine the wire as if it were a grape vine. Clip the wire with a pair of wire cutters, then use pliers to gently curl the bottom of the wire into a circle or fish hook.

Let your imagination be your guide and have some fun!

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