A homeowner recently told me that he and his wife are spending $700 a month on energy bills.

It’s summer, and their A/C costs are out of control. If you’re anything like these guys, your bills haven’t been too kind to your pocketbook, either.

I’ve been digging around for the best solution to help our readers—a home upgrade that can be completed quickly, cools your home naturally, and cuts your energy bills as well. I think I’ve found it.


What is a “Cool Roof?”

A cool roof is essentially a smarter-made roof. It’s built from darker pigmented materials that reflect the sun rays instead of soaking them into your home.

The benefits for installing a cool roof are substantial:

  • Lower energy costs (7-15% savings on average)
  • Less expensive roof maintenance
  • Longer roof life
  • Comparable in price to traditional roofing materials
  • Utility rebates and LEED points where applicable

The costs aren’t bad, either. While some materials can run you about 20 percent more, most cool roof materials are comparable in price to traditional roofing materials. In addition, the cool protective coating can be reapplied every 10 to 15 years, basically eliminating the need for expensive roof repairs.

While a cool roof might mean your home is colder in the winter months, this is outweighed by the summer savings in most climates. Before selecting your roof, however, make sure that a cool roof in your area is worth the added cost. Contact a professional roofing installer for pricing estimates and more information.

Source : Cool Roofs

Kayla Albert is a visiting writer from CalFinder. Before joining the CalFinderTeam, Kayla worked towards her bachelor’s degree in English Writing from the University of Colorado at Denver. She is committed to bringing a quirky edge to remodeling ideas and home design. You will find this article orgiinally posted on CalFinder. You can also read Kayla’s work at Confessions of a Perfectionist.


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