How to Clean Kids’ Clothing Stains without Harmful Chemicals

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Let’s face it. If it’s not dirty, then the kids most likely didn’t have that much fun doing it. While we want them to go outside and play, we are often sorry when we see the state of their clothing. How could so many stains all end up on such a small area?

While the market is flooded with clothes stain cleaning products, most of them are also flooded with chemicals, which we don’t want and really could do without.

Common Kids’ Clothing Stains & Green Tips for Cleaning:

Since most stains on kids’ clothing comes from bio-degradable materials, what better way to fight stains than with the green fight. That’s right – we’ve gathered some green tips for cleaning kids’ clothing stains without resorting to harmful chemicals!



ink stain on shirt

While we always tell them that the ink goes on the paper, not them, it still manages to end up on a shirt, trousers, or skirt.

Salt, water, and baking soda will work wonders on ink stains by being made into a paste before it is rubbed onto the stains and left for about 20 minutes. Then, launder as normal and it will be like they used disappearing ink!


Blood Stains

Yes, those scrapes and nicks will happen in the midst of play or perhaps a bloody nose or two, and remnants will often end up on clothing as they desperately try to wipe the blood and make it go away.

It’s best to soak the clothing in cold salt water or rub the salt directly on a fresh stain. Then, you can wash the item in warm water with laundry detergent (green detergent, of course!).


Grease Stains

Whether it’s a few chips dribbled down a top or some other favourite fried food, grease stains on clothing can seem like a nightmare! However, here is where salt again does the trick!

Rub some salt into the stain and then brush it off. Follow that up with a cloth that has been dipped in straight vinegar and then is rubbed onto the stain before tossing it into the wash cycle.


Juice Stains

child drinking juice

Reddish fruit juices like cranberry and cherry are the equivalent to a grown-up’s red wine stain, but it can be removed!

Just use 1 part vinegar to two parts water and soak the garment in this solution. Just make sure it is a bleach-safe garment as vinegar does the trick in bleaching out stains. You just don’t want the rest of the colour taken out as well! After the soaking treatment, you should launder the item.

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Urine Stains

For the little ones in the family who are in transition from nappies to underwear, there may be a few accidents along the way. Depending on the durability of the clothing (hot for durable clothing; cold for delicate items), you’ll use a certain water temp along with vinegar to help get the stain (and smell) out!


Grass Stains

person in hiking boots standing on grass

And, of course, topping the list is a grass stain – one of your child’s favourite if they are playing football or just simply running and jumping in the grass.

A good half-hour soak in straight vinegar followed by a launder should do the trick. Again, make sure the clothing is bleach-safe!


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