Best Plants For An Office Environment

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Sitting in an office for long periods of time can leave you feeling exhausted and inattentive. Now you may think this is because your job is challenging or mundane – but it may interest you that a lack of plants in the office could actually be the cause.

From air purification to having the feel-good factor, plants can work wonders for anyone confined to an office work space. Here is a list of some of the best plants for an office environment, how they’re effective and even what they might say about you.


Snake Plants

Snake plants are considered to be very eye-catching and forceful amongst green-fingered circles, because its leaves grow to quite a large height and are intriguingly shaped very much like swords. Positioned by the side of your desk therefore, could subconsciously send a message that you are very much like this plant: audacious, towering and the ‘soldier’ of the office.


Peace Lilies

Known to come in a variety of colours, the flowers of the Peace Lily are surrounded by a 10-30 cm wall-like sheath that protects the flowers and just happen to look very elegant indeed. In terms of conveying a message about you, a Peace Lily could express that you are resplendent and sophisticated, yet also protective and strong. You can decide for yourself, if that has any truth to it or not.

What is absolutely true though, is that Peace Lilies are excellent for air purification. Able to remove contaminants such as aerosol and even formaldehyde, these special plants can fully oxygenate a room and leave you feeling sharpened.



Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to grow a plant like peppermint outside. As long as it as access to direct sunlight, you can grow peppermint, spearmint or any kind of mint in your office with, more or less, relative ease.

Peppermint, over any other kind of mint, smells much more intoxicating and inhaling it will raise you awareness and improve your capacity to remember large amounts of information. Additionally, peppermint is also great at suppressing your appetite, which means you’ll be able to use the time normally dedicated to snacking, as extra time to do more work. Excellent!


Devil’s Ivy

However much people like to argue about the trivial nature of stereotypes and conformities, it is often the case that men simply don’t like to be seen enjoying flowers or plants. “Man Cred” is deeply important to a lot of the male population, and more often than not an office environment requires you to appear as masculine as possible.

Known as the Devil’s Ivy, this manly-sounding plant does not blossom bright or garish flowers, and only requires watering about twice a week.  Plus, it’s great at oxygenating the room, so you can benefit a lot from it yet still fist bump your friends without feeling like an outcast.



Perhaps many of you have been reading this and thinking, “Well, my work space doesn’t get much sun light, if any sun light at all, so there’s no point in me getting a plant.” Before you start sulking, there are many plants that actually dislike natural light, and the best of these is the Bromeliad.

The Bromeliad grows in the wild on the branches of rain forest trees, which often get very little direct sunlight. This means a Bromeliad actually grows better under unnatural or fluorescent lighting, making it perfect for the office. Moreover, it being a tropical plant, expect it to blossom incredibly beautiful flowers of an array of colours, undoubtedly leaving you feeling happier and more optimistic during your daily office activities.


There are so many other plants to choose from, but these truly are some of the best to have in your office environment. Why not go all out and even install a green wall somewhere in your office, this guide to green walls from Ambius explains just why they’re so amazing.


Can you think of any other plants that particularly befit an office environment? Share in the comments.

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