9 Best Android Apps For Eco-lovers

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Technology and going green may sound contradictory, but with latest Android apps you actually can go green. All the latest gadgets use the non-renewable source as fuel, whether its cars, washing machines, air conditioners or mobiles. Scientists have realized that the earth needs to be saved, thus they are working hard to create the concept of going green in every single aspect of the life.

The latest trend is using apps for mobiles which will get you closer to nature. Today we can do almost anything using apps on mobile, even saving the earth. There are apps which can track your energy consumption, find nearby green stores for shopping and even identify animal tracks or rare butterfly species. Out of so many apps here is a list of some chosen apps which can be downloaded easily and help you go green:

1. MyNature Animal Track Guide

This app can trace any animal foot print, flower, or tree. You can click a picture of any animal wildlife sighting and this application will give you information about it from its huge database.

2. GoodGuide

When in a store and doing shopping, use this app to see detailed ratings of health, environment and social responsibility of any prouct. The product can be personal care, babies and kids, food, apparel, cars or electronics.

3. Light bulb finder

This is a free app for android users which will force users to see the benefits of energy efficient lighting in comparison with conventional light bulbs. You can also buy the products from this app or find store which offers the product.

4. TripSketch Green Book

This is a great app to offer you to go on a green trip. It will suggest the places where you can use cycles, or walk or hire hybrid cars and finally go shopping at the stores which are helping NGOs .

5. Green Mileage App

This application will track your driving habits and will help you monitor the mileage of the vehicle.

6. Recycle Guide

This guide will help you know different ways to recycle the old products. Once you start using this, the innovative ideas will keep flowing and you will observe how easy it is to use things around you which are now garbage.

7. Locavore

This application will find local in-season food and locate the farmers directly who are selling them. This will also specify various fish species which are endangered and thus warn you to save them.

8. Project Noah

Noah stands for Networked Organisms and Habitat. It has three features: spotting, location-based field guide and field missions. These features encourage masses to upload any unusual organism or plant which can then later be used for research purposes.

9. Audubon guide

This is a collection of various mobile field guides, ranging from bird watching, hiking, animal sounds or record sightings. You can install individual application or a multipack to use any guide whenever required.

Jacob Childers is a geotechnical engineering specialist from UK. He is also a freelance writer who writes about latest advancements in green technology and eco-friendly living tips. Photo by closari

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