energy in an hour

How much energy is used in an hour?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much energy you consume in an hour? Other than being more energy efficient with your air conditioner and cable set-top boxes, there are still a lot of appliances at home that drive up your power consumption. And when you boil it down to a a snapshot of single hour across America, the kilowatt hours really add up.

For a bit of insight into how much energy is used in an hour in America, check out this infographic from Care2 below:


Energy Infographic Summary

In summary, the amount of energy used in a single hour in America uses:

  • 21.5 million kilowatt hours from refrigerators (or enough to power 22,970 homes for a month)
  • 34.7 million kilowatt hours from TVs (or enough to power 37,100 homes for a month)
  • 20.5 million kilowatt hours from computers (or enough to power 242,800 homes for a month)
  • 162 million kilowatt hours from clothes dryers (or enough to power 173,000 homes for a month)


How you can make a difference

So when you see exactly how much energy is used across America in a single hour of the day, think about the small changes you can make at home that could make a big difference if everyone joined in. And now that it’s summer time, the easiest way to make a big difference is to cut down on your clothes dryer usage. It’s non essential if the weather is nice, and can help anyone go green easily.


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