8 Products to help you Go Green & Save Money

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This week, Pocketbook Environmentalists released their top 8 picks for the best products to help you live a greener lifestyle, while still saving money. Keep reading to find out what they are, and where you can find them.


1. Paperless Post

Think of Paperless Post as a formal e-card system, allowing you to send very fancy invitations or greetings by e-mail. It’s saving on the paper used to print letters, and the carbon used to deliver them by post, while also saving you from buying stamps and stacks of expensive stationery.

Check out Paperless Post if you haven’t heard of them, or watch a preview of what a typical recipient would see when they receive a paperless post.


2. Zipcar

Most people have heard of the car-sharing service Zipcar by now, but if you haven’t it is a great alternative option to owning a car when you only need to drive sporadically. Once you’re a Zipcar member, you just find where the closest Zipcar station is to you, reserve a car, pick it up, and drop it off where you picked it back up.

It’s a great way to get more cars off the road, while giving drivers an affordable way to get around when they need to.


3. Sodastream

The third product to help you go green is Sodastream, which lets you turn tap water into either sparkling water or soda water in seconds. This innovative product helps families save on the amount of money spent at the grocery store buying disposable bottles of drinks, while also saving on the amount of plastic or cans that need to be recycled because of it.

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Check out all of the different kinds of Soda Mixes that are available to make your own sodas at home.


4. Kleen Kanteen

Another way to cut down on the amount of plastic purchased at the supermarket is by investing in a reusable water bottle, and why not go with one of the most well-known brands, Kleen Kanteen. They are BPA-free, made out of stainless steel, and eliminate the need to ever even think of buying a plastic bottle of water.


5. SunRun

Full disclosure – the Pocketbook Environmentalists group that put this list together was started by SunRun. However, the home solar power systems company is still deserving of their spot on the list. Home solar systems help property owners save money, while also offsetting some (or all) of their household power consumption with clean energy.

Find out more about SunRun and what they can do for your home.


6. Walmart Organics

That’s right – organic foods are available at Walmart. Although it may seem like the big-box store is jumping on the bandwagon, it was actually back in 1996 when Walmart announced it was going to push for more organic offerings.

Either way, Walmart’s organic offerings are certain to save consumers money who are looking to go green on a budget.


7. Green Baby Bargains

Green Baby Bargains offers Groupon-like deals, but just for green baby products. Each day they announce a new deal on a sustainable baby item, with savings of at least 40%, but only available in limited quantities.

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If you’ve got a baby and want to save some money while going green, be sure to visit www.greenbabybargains.com


8. YouRenew

Next time you are thinking about either throwing out, or selling your old cell phone or laptop and upgrading, check out the price being offered for it on YouRenew. It’s essentially an electronics reseller that will find a new home for your old device, and make sure you’re compensated for it. If they can’t find a new home for it, they’ll ensure its parts are recycled properly, and they also donate to environmental organizations like carbonfund.org.


Hopefully this list helps you become a Pocketbook Environmentalist this summer, and go green while saving money.

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