Green Presents for Father’s Day

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With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to look for gifts for your Dad. It can be a trick to find “green” gifts, however. Here’s a few thing to keep in mind when shopping for a gift, and a few ideas for you to consider.

If you are looking at electronics, be sure to consult the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics for a ranking of how the various companies fare on their environmental performance.

Look for products that utilize recycled materials, and can themselves be easily recycled.



The Earthbox is an excellent product for a Dad who wants to maintain a small herb or veggie garden, but doesn’t want to work too hard at it. The EarthBox is completely reusable, and uses organic fertilizers.


Rainforest Acre

Give Dad the opportunity to help save some of the increasingly rare rainforest. Your donation will help preserve one acre of rainforest in South America.


Black & Decker power monitor

One part attaches to the home electric meter, and the handheld monitor wirelessly gives real-time data about home energy consumption. If your dad’s the type who always reminded you to turn off the light, he’ll appreciate knowing exactly where power is being used and what he can save thanks to this gadget. Be sure to check the site to ensure compatibility with your Dad’s power meter.


Bamboo cutting board

This sustainable wood is 16% harder than solid maple, but cooks swear that it’s gentler on high quality knives. Bamboo is far more renewable than plastic, and it’s low maintenance — just clean up with a quick rinse.


Rain watering wand

If your father loves to garden, he’ll want to treat his plants right with an accurate watering wand. With adjustable settings and a telescoping reach, the wand waters exactly where it’s needed and doesn’t waste water.

solar cooker

Rather than firing up the BBQ, let dad cook with the Sport Solar Oven. Lightweight and completely portable, this oven concentrates the sun’s heat to cook most foods in two to four hours. It is ideal for backyard use, camping, boating and picnicking.


The Eton Radio is both hand-cranked and solar powered, and comes complete with flashlight and cell phone charger. More expensive units even have NOAA Weatherband and an SOS emergency siren.


The Green Earth Office Supply store has several sturdy briefcases made from hemp or recycled rubber. The REI computer bag is made from wax canvas, recycled rubber, recycled polyethylene, and recycled aluminum.


Dads on the go will appreciate being able to recharge their blackberry, mobile phone, digital camera, iPod or any other handheld device with the Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger. Compact and powerful, one hour of sun gives you one hour of power

Let your kind-hearted Dad donate something worthwhile from Gifts that Matter. Pick out a goat, chickens, a home garden, or other ideas that will help under-privileged villages in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Give Dad a gift that shows you care not just about him, but about the world around him as well. After all, it’s your inheritance, from him to you. Everyone needs to protect it.

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