College students are known for their active involvement in many movements and one of those movements is definitely living an eco-friendly life.

And even though most students would love to pursue a greener life, sometimes it can be hard to do on campus.

The biggest issue is that most of them are not really sure on how exactly to achieve this.

They knew what to do while they were living at home but now that they are living in a building full of people who may not share the same opinion, they do not know how to go green on their own.

There is always an obvious option for recycling but some students want to do more for our environment.

If you are one of those students, here are some options that will not clash with your busy life while helping you do your part in keeping our environment clean and healthy.

1. Purchase a solar charger for your smartphone

When you think about it, your smartphone is one of the devices that you use the most. Therefore, it requires the most charging and the most electricity out of all of your devices.

William Gallant, an Energy writer at Academized says: “Solar smartphone chargers are one of the most effective ways to make your carbon footprint smaller – you will spend a lot less electricity.”

He further stated: “The great thing about these chargers is that they can be used for more than just charging your phone – they can also be used for charging your laptop, MP3 or any other device you may need.”

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2. Stay away from heat appliances

This includes a wide array of appliances like blow dryers, clothes dryers, curlers, flat irons, etc.

For a change, try to use your blow dryer only when necessary – this way you will help the environment while letting your hair recover from all that heat.

The same goes for flat irons and curlers – they damage your hair and waste a lot of power when working. Reduce your usage for your own good and the planet’s well-being.

Clothes dryers do not do you any harm but they definitely use a lot of electricity while they are on. Air-drying is a good option that will reduce your power usage too.

3. Buy recycled products

If you are already recycling, this is a great addition to that. For example, you could buy used books instead of new ones – it will save you money as well.

You could also try to buy recycled products – you can find them in many stores and they are not only eco-friendly but unique too.

4. Reduce your paper and plastic usage

Students use a lot of paper and that is inevitable. With so many assignments and classes, it is necessary. However, there are many areas where reducing the amount of paper is possible.

For example, you could replace your paper towels with rags and clothes – they do a great job at cleaning spills too.

Do not use paper plates and buy a couple of ceramic, washable plates. Think about other places where you are using paper when cloths would do just fine too, and replace them.

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“As for the plastic, there are even more areas where you could eliminate it. For example, you could use glass bottles instead of plastic bottles that are made just for one use, you could replace plastic cups with glass ones, use metal utensils instead, etc.

You probably use plastic much more than you think and replacing it with long-lasting materials will not only reduce plastic pollution but it will also save your money”, – explains Jim Lavoie, a College Advisor at Ukwritings.

5. Replace your bulbs with LED bulbs

These not only last longer, but they also spend a lot less electricity than the regular ones. This is a good idea no matter where you live; LED bulbs can reduce your carbon footprint while saving your money.

6. Tell your roommates and your friends about saving the environment.

This is an indirect way to help but just as effective. If you tell other people about what you are doing without being annoying about it, they will likely follow your lead.

Show them how what you are doing is not that hard. If you get just one more person to be more attentive to our environment, it will be worth it.

7. Get involved

If you have some free time on your hands, join activists who clean parks or other green surfaces. “You could also start a group on your campus or start a competition between dorms to see who spends the least energy.

All of this will create an even greater impact on the environment”. – says Karla McCall, an editor at Studydemic and a Psychology columnist at Bigassignments.

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Final Thoughts

From these examples, you can see that living green on campus is not that hard. All you have to do is pay a bit more attention and make slight tweaks to your lifestyle for an amazingly positive impact. Just remember that changes begin in your own home, even if it is your campus home.


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