3 Eco-Friendly Products to Help with Spring Cleaning

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So the days are longer and the sun is making an appearance more often, and this is showing your little nest as being in need of a big clean.

Yup, it is that time of year to get busy with some spring cleaning in preparation for a summer of fun.

Spring cleaning, though sometimes necessary, is not always fun – honestly it can be a chore.

So it can be hard to do a “green” spring cleaning, when that may require mixing your own home ingredients which seems to add time to a task that, for some of us, is already way too long.

Though I love the smell of fresh lemons (which is Mother Nature’s personal fave cleaning ingredient), and vinegar & newspaper really is a GREAT remedy to get glass clean, I am not spending all Spring researching and mixing up cleaning recipes. And the smell of vinegar is not my thing.

With the park and balcony full of sun and calling my name, I need something that will help me clear out the dirt and minimize my time.

So, though there are some great home recipes for creating your own line of cleaning products that are natural, organic and green, here are some items you can look out for to help you get that “chore” done a little bit faster.

Note: though there are many others brands, after testing these among others, I found these products to be best in terms of scent, cleaning ability, most natural ingredients and availability.


1. Mrs. Myers

This line up of products shows that Mom does know best.

Named after Mrs. Thelma Myers a mom of 9, this companies mission is to, “make straightforward honest cleaners that smell good and work like the dickens.”

With an ingredient list that contains: corn, sugar cane, coconut and palm, you may confuse this cleaner with a yummy summer salsa (BBQ season is so here!). The household line up includes, all purpose cleaners, wipes, window sprays and dish soap – the whole package you need to get the floor to ceiling done.

The majority of Mrs. Myers products are biodegradable and those that are not break down into non-harmful decomposition bi-products.

With scents that are fresh and natural (Basil, Lavender, and even a scent free option), the Mrs. Myers line up is a great way to get your Spring Cleaning over in a snap.

If you enjoy her cleaning products, check out her laundry products and even baby bath products, all made with the same philosophy.


2. Sapadilla

Sapadilla’s philosophy is clean and simple and they run their company just like their products.

Using 100% pure essential oil aromas – honestly, these products smell better than some of the candles I have burning around the house, just delicious and fresh – their scents are more like aromatherapy and the company jokes that their products can “make cleaning a truly religious experience”.

Using plant-based, biodegradable & nontoxic ingredients (palm and coconut oil are some of their main ingredients), they also top off their products with some extra green points by being a part of 1% For The Planet (a group of businesses worldwide that donate 1% of all revenues towards enviro causes).

What is also great is they explain their ingredient list for us non-biologists. When you see something scary and chemical sounding like, phenoxyethaol, you will see in brackets next to it (biodegradable preservative), and when you Google this, the same definition comes up. So no greenwashing here!

They have 2 scents in their lineup: Grapefruit & Bergamot and Rosemary & Peppermint (their line up includes an all-purpose cleaner, dish soap and countertop cleaner in both scents).

The Rosemary & Peppermint is my favorite and I have to admit that this line up wins my vote to best cleaning product and best smelling. I LOVE IT! (oh, and the all-purpose cleaner does clean everything, I didn’t need the countertop cleaner or a separate glass cleaner, saving me space in my cleaning cupboard).


3. Attitude

Attitude is a line of cleaning products that have been created by a Canadian company, and are the only line of household cleaners that are eco-certified (carrying the Eco-Logo certification) and carbon neutral.

The company actually did a huge audit calculating its greenhouse gas emissions from product and distribution to the activities of its subcontractors, suppliers and staff. Attitude as a company purchases forest credits and other offsetting measures to help bring their carbon footprint to zero.

The Attitude line includes well-priced hard surface cleaners (all-purpose cleaner, window & glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner and a disinfectant) as well as a fabric care line, dish care lineup and finally an air purifying line up.

Their ingredient list is great: Lauryl & coco in their All Purpose Cleaner! Yummy.

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Happy Cleaning!

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