green car earth week special

To celebrate Earth Week, every day this week we will be bringing you tips on products, services, and new technologies that can make every part of your life a little greener. Today, we look at ways to improve your bathroom, so keep reading for ways to reduce your carbon emissions, and save money too!

We would all like to increase our use of public transportation, biking and walking, but sometimes driving a vehicle is just inescapable. Today, we have some tips on how you can decrease your impact on the planet from within your car. Although many of these may seem like no-brainers, they will serve as a good reminder. And you never know, there may be a few tips in here that surprise you – they did for me.

First and foremost, you should always consolidate your trips. If you can run a few errands at once, instead of several times through a day, or take a road with less traffic, the amount you need to stop and start your car decreases, and your fuel efficiency increases.
Next, if you haven’t been in for an e-test lately, make sure your car is up to today’s standards. Tires can lose about a pound of air pressure per month, and if you keep your tires properly inflated, your fuel economy increases. Before long trips, make sure you take your car into the shop and get your engine, and tires, functioning at their best.

Once you’re on the road, try not to accelerate as quickly (or if you’re on the highway, try and keep your RPMs down). Revving the engine wastes a lot of fuel, and creates unnecessary pollution.

Also, even though summer is coming up, try and take it easy on the A/C. Your car uses up more gas when you have your air conditioner cranked, and it is often quicker to cool down your car by driving with the windows open for a few minutes, and then turning your A/C on Low.

Speaking of cool air, did you know that by fueling up when it’s cool out (at night time or early in the morning) prevents gas fumes from heating up and creating ozone? Keep it in mind if you’re living in an urban area on a smog-alert day!

If by chance, you’re sick of driving a gas-guzzler, but aren’t yet sure about converting to a hybrid, or alternative-energy vehicle, check out these direct vehicle comparisons organized by AutoBlogGreen. They may help clear up some questions you have about how quickly your vehicle will pay itself off compared to what you’re driving now.



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