Earth Week Special Part II: Greener Ideal Kitchen Tips


HAPPY EARTH DAY!To celebrate Earth Week, every day this week we will be bringing you tips on products, services, and new technologies that can make every part of your life a little greener. Today, we look at ways to improve your kitchen space, so keep reading for ways to reduce your waste, and save money too! 

Although your kitchen may be the area of your house you keep the cleanest, there are a few easy ways to make it the greenest too!

First, let’s take a look inside your fridge. If you see any bottled water, that’s not a good thing. Sure, city tap water may have added minerals that give it a funny taste, but did you know that two million plastic beverage bottles are used in the United States every five minutes?! Noseriously. An easy solution to this problem is buying a reusable water bottle (not made with number 7 plastic – because of its Bisphenol A concentration), and installing a water filtration system to your kitchen tap. Without having to buy bottled water, the filtration system will have paid for itself in a few months. (for further information on how to easily set up a water filtration system in your home, visit Kohler’s Introduction to Water Filtration Systems.

Next, let’s take a look at your appliances. Your fridge and dishwasher should already be up to Energy Star standards, and if not – you should look replacing them. The settings on these appliances can also be altered to maximize their performance. For example, don’t keep your fridge colder than you need to, and only run your dishwasher when you have a full load. (for information on a cool new technology that can make the most of your dishwashing water, check out tomorrow’s special on bathrooms and “grey water”). Also, try using some eco-friendly dishwashing soap that can be purchased online at Green Home.

Another great idea to make your kitchen even greener is a small (or large) size composter for underneath your cupboards, in your pantry, or even tucked away in your garage. Nature Mill has a new indoor compost bin that is perfect for kitchen waste like fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grinds, and even small amounts of paper and other biodegradables. Despite what you may think, this composter is guaranteed to contain all waste and odour, keeping your house as fresh as fresh as it would be otherwise.

For the times when you have waste to dispose of, and you can neither recycle nor compost it, consider decreasing the volume of it (by 75%!) with a trash compactor. The amount of garbage that a single household throws out in one year is staggering (about a tonne !), and with the introduction of garbage disposal fees in most neighbourhoods, there has never been a better time to fit a trash compactor into your home.

The importance of reducing waste in your kitchen is not something that should be overlooked – when you can, buy products that aren’t individually wrapped in non-recyclable packages, and try and use reusable plastic containers for left-overs rather than disposable plastic bags. Also, cloth serviettes that can be washed with your laundry, or seventh generation 100% recycled paper towels are much more eco-friendly than disposable paper napkins.

That wraps up our kitchen tips for part 2 of our Earth Week special.

Make sure you check back tomorrow to find out what your dishwasher can do to make your bathroom greener, and some great suggestions for environmental products that should be in your bathroom.

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